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UM1s to UM2s?

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I've had my UM1s for over a year as my first quality pair of buds. They were definitely worth the upgrade from crappy ones that came with my mp3 player. I still do love them a lot(except that you had to replace the comply tips so often, so I got a tri-flange one that aren't as comfortable, but less switching! also, bass is a little low for me).

But I recently found a store that has the UM2s for $200. I'm not an audiophile, but I would never go back to using regular earphones(they don't fit my ear anyways, so I need IEMs). I mostly listen to rock like The Strokes, Blur, Oasis, and Nine Inch Nails, but I occasionally have other random genres. I would mostly be listening it off my zune and computer.

Are the UM2s worth the upgrade? I was considering either the UM2s, or maybe a good pair of headphones that I could switch off of for maybe more portable use for the UM1s, UM2s at home/school.
I see that there's a big difference, but should I get the UM2s or other headphones?

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The UM2 will be an excellent upgrade. They're one of the best ones out there.
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Originally Posted by nsx_23 View Post
The UM2 will be an excellent upgrade. They're one of the best ones out there.
Hehe, alright, I guess I'll go pick them up tomorrow. What about a good headphone? I would mind walking around with cans on my ears(at least people then know why I'm no responding to them cause my UM1s are always covered by my hair )
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Depends on what you're looking for. I'd suggest you get an amplifier to go with your UM2 though.
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$200 is a fantastic deal for the UM2, I would snap them up in an instant. But be warned that the UM2 sound is very different from the UM1 sound.
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Alright, you guys won't make me feel bad for buying these!
As for what I'm looking for, will a set of $200 headphones have better sound? I tried my friend's bose $300 ones, and they sounded a lot better and was a lot more comfortable than my UM1s.
And for a amp, I'll go snooping around the portable amps section. Will be the first time I bought one.
Thanks for he help guys!

I might pick up a fiios e3. They're super cheap(I thought I had to spend around $100), and it's small. I just don't want to replace it with AAA's that often.
Unless anyone else has a recommendation for one under $50?
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Slightly over budget, but Penguine Caffeine Ultra would be an excellent choice for $69.
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Alright, I'll save my money!
Haha, the case is pretty cool, but it's a bit bigger than I want it to be, but I probably won't mind too much. It'll be like holding 2 zunes in my pocket!
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the trip flange doesn't fit me very well either so i cut off the top (smallest flange) off to get a biflange.....much easier and comfortable fitting
just a small tip
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Might you share this store with us?
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Yeah, I cut the bottom of the triple flange, cutting off the biggest one xD
Actually, I cut the stub on the bottom and cut the smallest one off. They were a lot better than the whole thing, but still not as comfortable as foam.
And for the store, I think it's a local store cause I tried looking them online, but it's called Discount Electronics. I'm in Hawaii by the way.
But yeah, the general manager from Compusa opened it after they closed down. I bought my stuff there. They had stuff for really cheap actually...
Zunes from $99-$167(4gb and 80 I think). UM1s were $89, UM2s $199.
Now, what to do with the UM1s?

First second of listening...
Bass is sick compared to the UM1s!
I tried comparing them, but atm, I can tell there's a difference, but it isn't too huge. Hoping burning them in helps(lots of hours on my UM1s). Not sure if it's the song, but I just put them on after a few hours of trying to burn them in while I was doing other stuff, and it sounds fantastic.
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