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I'll be using them directly from the jack. No amps, EQ'ing, etc.
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Is there a way to try some SA6's if I don't know anyone with them? I know music stores sometimes let you try full-size headphones (sometimes...). If I can't do that, is it possible to get a loaner pair or something from Sleek Audio? I'd offer a collateral if it comes down to that. I don't really feel comfortable spending $200 on something I've never tried.
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I am new to the world of IEMs, but given the reviews, it looks as though I will be buying a pair of SA6.

Can someone please list some of the common mods applied to the SA6. So far I have seen mention of a pin mod for the bass, as well as something called Bass+(?).
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Bass+ is not a mod, it's an included port. With the pin mod, take a pin and widen the hole in the bass+ port a little.
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I guess I need to do some more reading.
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