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In need of comparison

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I own Skullcandy Full Metal Jackets. How do Shure E4C's compare to them? I'm thinking about saving up for some. I'm looking for details, by the way, not just "They're better."

What I'm looking for:

-excellent clarity
-crisp highs and mids that are really clear without that annoying painful highness that some IEMs produce
-deep, thundering bass that isn't muddy or crackly at all
-IEM (obviously)

Also, feel free to suggest anything else that I might like. I'm not set on E4C's, or even Shures, for that matter. I was thinking about Sleek Audio SA6's, but I read that there are way better IEMs for the price. If it helps, I listen to mostly rock, but I also listen to some electronica (if Whitey counts as electronica...), hip hop, and some random things that I don't even know the genre of. My budget is around $200. I probably won't be getting what I decide on until summer, but if I get a job before then, I'll be getting them sooner.
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Maybe the q-Jays?
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Originally Posted by theodouma View Post
Maybe the q-Jays?
I just looked those up. The reviews made it seem like they produce the same kind of sound as my FMJ's. I don't think the q-Jays are what I'm looking for.

EDIT: By the way, is it true that there are better IEMs than the SA6's for the price?
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