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My Custom Westone ES2's

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I am EXTREMELY fortunate to work with audiologists everyday. The team I work with are also authorized Westone dealers so I had them fit me for a pair of custom ES2's. They are fantastic. As you all know they are custom IEM's similar to the UM2's. A perfect comfortable fit. My audiology friends were very kind to let me have them at an excellent price.

The service from Westone was excellent. Dave Miller is the head of the custom team and was very easy to work with. I had my custom artwork applied and Brian in the creative department was awesome. A first rate company to work with. Highly recommended.

Here they are. The logo is the logo for my guitar business. I make handcrafted steel string guitars. Lazy Dog Guitars

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they certainly look nice. as do the guitars that you make (I find custom acoustic guitars to be the most beautiful objects in the whole world so your work is really breathtaking).
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Thanks for the kind words. Making guitars is my passion and really just a hobbie/2nd business. Luckily my day job as a doc allows me to pursue it.
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