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QQQ - really? With the UR40 being collapsible and some reviewers saying how it lasted 5 years or whatever, while a lot of users on the HD202 say how the cable got loose on a speaker or it just stopped working after X months.

But can anyone tell me which headphone of the three I mentioned sounds better or has a more balanced and neutral sound?
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Originally Posted by thesouthazn View Post
But can anyone tell me which headphone of the three I mentioned sounds better or has a more balanced and neutral sound?
Not very good odds of anyone looking at this thread and having used these three. But based on what I've read, the Roland RH50 would provide the most balanced and neutral sound of all of the headphones mentioned in this thread.
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Cable malfunctions have nothing to do with durability. You can tear any cable. But you just can't break Hd 2x2 enclosure\headband.
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Sorry for the misunderstanding QQQ, when I say durability I mean which headphone will last the longest under normal use. For example, some headphones might have thicker cables or thinner ones...

Anyway, I've decided to add one more headphone into the mix - the Philips HP460. I really love its features - fold up, inline volume control, it comes with an extension cord, and 40 mm neodymium drivers (though I have no clue what neodymium is). Unfortunately there aren't many reviews for it, and from what I've read in the scanty selection of HP460 posts on head-fi, they sound good, almost comparable to the K81DJ's. Also from what I've read, they isolate well.

Anyone else have any insight on these? At the moment, I'm pretty much deciding between the Philips HP460 and the Senn HD202, and maybe the not-so-durable UR20, and have pretty much discounted the Koss UR40 due to its excessive sound leakage... so can anyone tell me which one would sound better? I am on the verge of jumping on the HP460 but the HD202's 300+ 5-star reviews on Amazon and Newegg's 200+ 5-star reviews are REALLY scaring me.

1Time, thanks for the Roland RH50 suggestion but again there's the problem that it's just not that widely known. There's one review on amazon, and googling results with a review from IGN and somewhere else. Sorry, but I just can't soundly purchase headphones based on one or two reviews when the ones I've listed have been backed by many.

Anyways, so now its the Philips HP460 vs. Sennheiser HD202 ... ... ... vs. Koss UR20 thread! WOOH!
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Well gee, the RH-50 are here, and yes, it's true, they're the best there is for $50. Not exactly neutral (monitor headphones, midrange emphasis), but not "boombox-on-ears" or loudness-EQ headphones either. Not very efficient, but fine with a portable player. A FiiO E5 amp makes them loud.
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I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The HD202 is garbage.

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[casting Resurrection with all the fancy visuals and chanting]

Anyway, as The Great Secret, non-hyped-up stuff like the RH-50 is usually the best, exactly because it's not hyped-up... Roland doesn't dump bags of money on marketing, and that doesn't reflect itself on the price. Someone out there said about one third of Sennheiser kit prices is due to marketing/advertising. Downside is, the RH-50 are not on everyone's mind like Sennheiser kit, but hey, the lesser-known stuff is almost always the worthy stuff.
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Originally Posted by thesouthazn View Post

And what the heck was the Koss UR40 made for if it's open and leaks so much sound?

Thanks for the quick replies everyone!
I am listening to UR40 now, and have been using it for several months. I also have HD201. UR40 has more bass emphasis, sometimes I prefer HD201. Yes it does "leak" but we are talking about tiny sound leaking...

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Well, even though the 410's are out of the picture, I have to say mine broke because I was holding the phones by the headband and stepped on the cord. Got it replaced w/ a crappier 420.
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