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e4c vs RE2 (or others ~100)

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Would the E4Cs be noticeably better than other things in the 100 dollar price range. Namely the RE2? there's not much said about the E4cs anymore as the new SE lines came out.
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I bought the denon ac-h551 for my gf and they are incredible for $50. They sound very good for rock, jazz, electronic, and hip-hop. Their bass is strong and relatively clear, the mids are present, and the highs aren't too harsh. They are comfortable and seemingly durable. These are far superior to any other sub-$100 canal phone and i can only suspect that the 751 would be even better and they fall right about your price range.
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I love how music sounds on my RE2s dude, especially with the little FiiO e3 amp.

What exactly are you looking for in your phones? Have you read any reviews on the forum yet?
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i've read a lot about the RE-2s but have no comparison of them with the E4cs which i can get for the same price used. I remember being extremely impressed with the E4CS nice midrange but rolled off highs compared to my im716s. I guess instrument separation is what i'm looking for I loved the clarity of my im716s but they could be a bit fatiguing. The RE2s are the "Best" new for ~100 but what about compared to phones (specifically the e4cs?)
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I now have old e4c and new triple fi...
and honestly if e4c can get some bass boost somehow, it would be sooo nice...
the mid on e4c is just outstanding.

and triple fi is just different sound... I can't compare... triple fi sound is too different... and all the songs i've listened before feels different. Some songs sound nice especially instruments and trans, and some songs are now too separated in details and its not fun to my ears anymore. good or bad?
i donno im still new to this but its totally different...
sound is all over around your head thats for sure.
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somehow i don't think i'll be missing too much bass coming from my im716s
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did you decide yet NDS? I am interested in what you pick!
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