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Question about <$100 IEM's

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Hi all. New to posting on the site, although I have lurked for quite a while. I'm in the market for new IEM's around $100. I have read all of the comparisons (i.e. 17 IEM's reviewed etc), and I've narrowed it down to a few choices. Now I need some expert advice.

My choices right now are 1) AL IM716, 2) Ety ER6i, 3) Klipsch Custom 1. I would be willing to spend a little more if it was justified, but I think I'd be happy staying around this pricepoint.

I plan on using these IEM's for everything (gym, general listening, and sleeping would be really great!). I have a 3G Ipod Nano and Altoids tin cMoy for source gear. Not the best, but very portable.

In the past, I have used JVC Marshmellows, Denon 351's, Bose over the ear, and a couple of other nothing special phones. I listen to a variety of music, from Porcupine Tree to Amon Amarth to Mazzy Star to Miles Davis.

Specific suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
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I forgot to add I'm also looking at the Westphone UM1's.
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UM1 will fit all your activities requirement. sleeping, jogging, etc. it's very comfortable, among the most comfortable universal IEM. afaik, it's smaller compare to UM2
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Have you considered the Denon C751? You can get it for ~$120. It would be a nice upgrade from the C351.
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I guess I failed to mention that I didn't like the Denons. Nothing about the SQ, just a comfort issue, so I'll skip the 751's as I assume they are the same fit.

I found the IM716 for $70, so I ordered them. The cheapest I found the UM1 was $100. I can alway cancel the order however if they're not the best way to go.
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So after sleeping on it overnight, I decided to cancel my order and get the Sleek Audio SA-6. I know, completely blew my budget, but I like the modular/tunability (if that's a word). I also like that they work ok unamped. Don't want to lug an amp to the gym. Anybody looking for the IM716, look here:

NEW Altec Lansing iM716 Noise Free Earphones Headphones
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personally i wont dare to wear SA6 to sleep. i owned it before and i know. it work great unamped though
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