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Are my denon's fake?

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Hello..i ordered the denon ah-c551k back in july from was looking at photos of them online and noticed the jacks are different then pictured on the site..mine is a right angle end..and the stock photos have a straight end...

fake? real?
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What site is it? You sure you were looking at the C751's which have a straight end?..the C551's do have a right angle end to them.
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Considering they're from Amazon, they should be legit by all means.
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Eh? The 551s have a straight end...the extension cables that come with them have L-shaped ends. No?
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The cable before the extension is a straight plug, and the extension is an angled plug.
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both are right angles on mine..i emailed the company and they told me that they aren't fakes but since it's been a couple of months they won't exchange or refund my money
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