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Trust me, I so wish I lived the required lifestyle to truly relate to rap. But point blank, I didn't, therefore I don't care for it too much. And sure saying it sucks is kinda harsh but it's a thread that mainly has ppl with the same point of view so you should expect that kind of lingo to be a standard.

Dude have you watched/ listened to the MVs/ tracks I posted??? It has nothing to do with thug/ gangsta life, bitches/ hoes/ sex etc. It's about political commentary/ death of a love one/ and just artistic collabs. I know it's not in english but like any great form / genre of music it transcends all cultures/ languages/ sex/ race, what have you.


Go watch the Drunken Tiger MV, it's in korean but the pure artistic flare/ creativity/ musicality to it is so AMAZING. I have yet to see a MV of this high caliber anywhere that's why i keep re-linking it. His grandmother died on 8.45, hence the name "8.45 heaven"   and you can feel/ sense his pain in the MV/ emotions he conveyed throughout the "rap". It's pure poetry in modern day format that is all "rap" is. Nuff said. Just so watch it with a open mind, you are gonna be floored. I sure was the 1st time i watched it.




Damn can't post vids on head-fi for some reason, i can't link this enough times tbh.  LoL

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I am fortunate enough to not have to live that life, good hip-hop music is exactly like a novel, I chose to immerse myself in their life get that feeling with which they're trying to display through their lyrics, those that cannot fully explain any logical reason for hating one genre deserves the title of a racist *******

Racist cuz of the blind hating and for sure more than half are truly are

An ******* cuz truly are an *******

I've met plenty of ppl that don't listen to hip-hop simply cuz they can't understand it but never disrespect cuz it's a culture of mostly those that are unfortunate in essence as well as expression to get out of said reality
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