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eminem dosnt suck,but most mainstream rap is meaningless and stupid.

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Originally Posted by ilikedonkeys39 View Post

eminem dosnt suck,but most mainstream rap is meaningless and stupid.

Em is ok, but was never a big fan. A young but wise one once told me this "Em used to be fun to watch/ entertaining but now he is just not" or something along those lines. That statement rings pretty true, cuz he is pretty boring now musically or celebrity wise. Also I can't stand his always angry tone/ voice, such a turn off, it's like you're listening to someone that is constantly yelling at you. LoL

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Anyone who says that Eminem sucks has no clue regarding his focus. He's always been an extremely technical writer, and if you don't rap yourself, it's difficult to grasp the level of his technicality. Just ask any hip hop legends what they think of Eminem; the response is unanimous, in that he's one of, if not THE best (according to Nas, Redman, TechN9ne, etc. etc. etc.), MCs ever to grace the game. It's the reason that he signed Slaughterhouse to Shady Records, arguably the most technical and dominant current hip hop supergroup besides the Black Hippy group. Hell, even they (the BH) admit that Slaughterhouse is untouchable. Just check out the 2011 Shady 2.0 BET Cypher. They wiped the floor, no questions (though I concede that most of their competition was mediocre at best). I have a hard time understanding why people regard all mainstream rappers as inferior to underground; there are good and bad seeds in both, and to simply judge one as vastly superior to another and vice versa just seems close minded to me. To each his own though.
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All Rap is crap. Also rap is NOT music it could be considered a "performance" but music it is not. 

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Originally Posted by Caffinefreedave View Post

All Rap is crap. Also rap is NOT music it could be considered a "performance" but music it is not. 

Listen/ watch this MV if that is what you really believe.



"Rap" like all  great "music" transcends all languages, religions/ races, etc. Hey if it is good music its good music no matter the genre.  You can't tell me that there is no love/ soul/ artistry that went into the making of the song/ MV above. Hope this opens your mind a little, enjoy!

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 Papoose did do a decent job on the freestyle. I didn't know that Childish wanted to be a rapper. I knew he was an actor.  I know that I won't ever say that one genre is crap or horrible, because I haven't/won't listen to every artist in each genre. Generally you can find someone in every genre you'll like.

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Some folks here may enjoy this article entitled, "A case for Nas, hip-hop's finest MC":



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And after all that being said, rap still sucks....
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Not as much as listening to "Comfortably Numb" for the 10,000,000th time... wink.gif

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Right? Lol.... Luckily it's only my 1,000 or so time...
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I should probably add that I do listen so some rap....mostly dre, pac, so on....
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The only way racism will ever go away is to just stop talking about it..... We are all people...... That's all there is to it. I am not a white man, I am just man
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The second word rhymes with mass and troll, which you pretty much covered, to me offering no explanation as to hate something is pretty much one of those two
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