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Sold Ross my LD MK111. He was a pleasure to do business with. Fast payment and easy going. "peace". Besides, he likes Porcupine Tree:) Great Head-fier

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Ross (baka1969) was a pleasure to deal with.  Great guy and genuine enthusiast for music and audio.  He had a wtb for headphones, we struck a deal, and I sent off my HD 800s in return for good ol' U.S.P.S. Money Order.  Entire transaction was friendly and stress free with quick communication all along the way.  I will happily deal with Ross again anytime.

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Sold Ross my Shure 840 and some tubes for his Little dot Mk11  firsy rate guy honest above and beyond. Prompt payer and great doing business with. AAA buyer

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Bought some tubes donated to the NNJ guys by Ross. Very nice of him to donate! I don't know him but a guy who's willing to donate has got to be a nice guy.

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Bought a pair of AKG 701s and a Starving Student tube amp off Ross. Both came as shown and packing was well done. Communication with Ross was very quick and he was helpful with what questions I had. He was also perfectly willing to deal with a new member of the community with no feedback or references to speak of.


Don't let the money order scare you away, everything went through without a hitch.


Thanks Ross!

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anyone who is considering not dealing with Ross because of the not being able to use paypal issue has nothing to worry about.  he is awesome and answers emails instantly.  i hope he upgrades often so i can get more of his gear at a great price! thanks ross!

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I bought the ATH M50's off Ross. He took pictures of the entire process and responded to every email I sent him. Do not hesitate to deal with Ross, although he doesn't use paypal, you can trust him with money orders. Overall excellent transaction and if possible I will do business with him again.

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Just sold Ross my Grado sr225i's. I shipped out the cans on monday, the same day he shipped out the money order (which was awesome because while he has 3 pages of positive feedback, I had none at all.) Everything went smoothly, the mail was a couple days late but that's no fault of either of ours. I would do business with Ross again in the future, no question.

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Thanks Ross! Bought iBasso D2+ from him. Decent prices, fast shipment, very very good communication! Do not be scared of the USPS money order! Best shipment for ConUS! Everything from a excellent packaging, and tightly taped for security. Also a tracking number is used to locate your item. I suspected the order was going to be neutral; pay and wait. BUT IT WASN'T! Ross is very friendly, knows a lot about audio, and replies you in a couple of minutes. This was my first purchase from Ross and from Head-Fi. Best experience i ever had with an online dealer. I recommend, 150%, for buying anything from him! Thanks buddy! :D

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Sold Ross some CDs. After some trouble on my end the deal ended up going through just fine. Thanks for your patience.
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Bought a Little Dot MKIII off Ross. I've sold him headphones before, so I wasn't worried about anything at all. I asked him for pictures of the amp, and after receiving the first picture in my email, I already said I'll take it... but then that was quickly followed up by a BAJILLION pictures of the amp from every angle. lol. Really one of the best, and most sincere people I have met in quite a while. Thanks, Ross.

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Bought my first pair of real headphones (Grado SR225i) from him. He was very helpful and nice. The product was just as described and photoed. Thanks Ross!

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I sold him my M2Tech Hiface.  Even though he had trouble setting it up and is now selling the unit the transaction went smoothly.  Sent the money order in a timely fashion.

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And the cycle continues.....


I bought the M2Tech Hiface and coax cable from Ross. Works like a charm and the transaction was completed the way two men take care of business.


A+ rated experience.

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