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I can only second what the others have said. Polite, honest, prompt payment.
I would do business with him anytime.
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Ross sold me shure se530's. Shipping and communication were prompt and he sends you updates (with pictures!) every step of the way. He seems like a very nice guy and is more than willing to give detailed answers to your questions.

My first money order got lost (I misspelled the address, oops) and Ross was very patient and understanding throughout the whole situation.

Thanks Ross!
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Great buyer, good communication and very friendly. Overall, just an extremely smooth transaction.

Thanks Ross!
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Ross purchased a bunch of CDs from me. Payment was swift and communication was timely; a very smooth transaction. Thanks Ross.
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Baka1969 recently purchased my grado sr80is, with me having no feedback, a complete leap of faith. He paid by personal check. Everything about this transaction was handled promptly and maturely. He even kept me up to date on every part of the process. I have nothing but good things to say about the transaction. I would gladly do business with him again.
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I sold Ross my AKG 702s. Great guy, good communication, fast payment via Money Order (don't let non-Paypal transactions scare you away). The sale was complicated by a cosmetic defect on the headphones that had escaped my attention, but Ross was super easy to deal with and we very quickly came to a mutually agreeable resolution. I'd do business with him again in a second.
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Me and Ross did a face to face meet (we are about 30mi from each other). He sold me a pair of beautiful HD650s for a great price. He is a great guy and has tons of knowledge for a new headfier like myself to learn from. We had a good chat about what our audio likes and dislikes are. He also turned me onto some Miles Davis that really make my k701s shine. We had discussions of having a mini meet and listening to each others equipment which would be really cool to do comparisons to equipment I don't own.

I would highly recommend buying from him just like everyone else in this thread has stated. In fact I am probably going to be buying something else from him in the near future. Thanks again Ross you're the man.
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Wow not even a week later and this guy has me spending another $300. He gave me a great deal on a great little amp (headroom micro) and a pair of tf10s I had been dieing to get a hold of. I ended up loving the tf10s so much that I bought a second pair already to send out to have remolded.

He really is a great guy that has a lot of knowledge on a lot of different equipment and we have very similar opinions on things such as upgraded cables and how music from the 70s is still better than anything that has come out in the past 30 years.

We met up at a local cheesesteak shop (Steve's) and Ross treated me to one which was really nice of him. It was amazing btw and better then Pats or Genos. Anyway again don't hesitate to do buisness with Ross his stuff is very well taken care of and he gives great deals on his items.
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I and Ross made a trade. The deal was very smooth. He is a gentleman to deal with. Enjoy the DPS, Ross!
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Ross sent me Magnums and responded immediately for every little request I asked. Communication could not be any better, he responds through his BB instantaneously! Not to mention, if you ever hesitate to send Money Orders...your trepidations are unfounded. As proven by all these feedback, he is 100% Excellente.
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I bought a pair of K702s from Ross. He was extremely friendly and helpful, had great communication and shipped very quickly. Great guy! I would definitely do business with him again! Thanks Ross!!
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I sold Ross my MSSH amp and he paid promptly and quickly via a money order. Communication was top notch from start to finish. He called me with an issue and after sending it back to me, I couldn't replicate the issue, so we mutually agreed on a refund. Ross is a very honest and caring guy. I would deal with him again without hesitation of any kind. Go Steelers!
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Ross picked up my SSMH amp. Prompt payment, great communication. A true gentleman. Hope to do more business with you ... enjoy the Amp!

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I bought a pair of Grado HF-2 from baka1969.

Very smooth tracsaction, he sent me a lot of pictures of his headphone.

He respond incredible fast !!

I would do business with him again and again.

Highly recommend on this head-fier.

Ross, it's great to deal with you.




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Sold Ross my ATH-M50's. Initially, I was a bit worried about doing a non-paypal transaction, but Ross made everything smooth and easy. He sent pictures of payment, etc. with his blackberry to reassure me that everything was going through. I received the money order within a couple days.


He is great at communicating- responding to emails the same day, if not within 10-20 minutes. For sure, I would not hesitate at all about doing business with Ross again in the future.


Would also like to note that he was very kind to trust me with the sale of my headphones (this being my first sale here on Head-Fi.)



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