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Sold him a SR-225. Don't be fooled; even though he's an Eagles fan, he's actually a good guy. Prompt with his payment, and he's easy to reach and friendly to communicate with. Would not hesitate to do any sort of trade with him, Ross is reliable and trustworthy.

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Ross sold me his SR-80. Communication was always personable and informative, with plenty of pictures. Shipment was prompt and packaging very solid. He also shared several tips on how to get the best use out of the Grados. All-in-all, an A-1 transaction! : )
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I sold Ross my SE530's. He was great to deal with from beginning to end. Easy to communicate with, payment was prompt, and he showed great patience with a business trip I had that delayed shipment for a few days (not sure I could be that patient). All around a great transaction, and I would not hesitate doing business with him again.
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Ross bought my AKG K701's. Payment was sent timely, and communication could not possibly have been easier or faster throughout. His blackberry sure comes in handy!

Highly recommended.
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Sold this man my AE-1. Ross is a dependable buyer and has been easy to trade with. Great communication, in particular.
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Bought a pair of Grado SR-225's from him. I was nervous sending a money order at first because I've been ripped off before. He was a great seller that communicated very well. He even sent photos of the boxes before they were mailed as well as a photo of the USPS receipt with tracking number. He threw a couple of Pink Floyd cd's in as well.

I would definitely buy from baka1969 again.
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Ipod Classic

Sold Ross an Ipod. Ross was very easy to deal and we even had a brief conversion on the phone about the deal and about music and enjoyed the talk. I would not hesitate to do a transaction with him again.

Enjoy the Ipod, Ross
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Sold Ross my 325is. Payment was fast; communication was great. Overall this was a terrific transaction. Thanks, Ross, and enjoy!
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Bought K701s (YEAH!!! ) from Ross and though he doesn't use Paypal, the transaction went very smoothly. The fact that he detailed the whole process with emails and pictures surely has a lot do with it. I loved the music sharing idea too (you send him so music and he sends some to you).

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Ross purchased an external hard drive from me. Payment was swift, and communication was timely. It was a smooth transaction all the way through. I highly recommend him and would certainly do business again. Thanks Ross.
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Bought a very nice package deal from Ross: headphones, amp, and player. Communication was always instantaneous (he's a blackberry user, after all ). Paying with a USPS money order went off without a hitch and he was very helpful and friendly throughout the process. I've had more difficulty sending money through paypal . Naturally, the items were shipped very quickly and immaculately packaged.

Highly recommended head-fier and a great guy - if you have a chance to deal with him, do not hesitate!

Thanks again, Ross
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Second transaction with Ross - sold him my SR125's. Again, everything was just perfect. He's a very easy guy to come to an agreement with. Incredibly quick and friendly communication and fast payment (well.. as fast as a USPS money order physically allows ). I just can't say enough good things about the deal. Do not hesitate to deal with Ross given the chance - I know I wouldn't!

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sold Ross my 701s. Quick payment, great communication. Do business with him anytime.
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Great to deal with!

Ross is a credit to Head-fi!

I sold him my Nuforce Icon Mobile and this has to be my easiest and best sale ever!

Communication was awesome, payment via International USPS Money Order was very well documented via his Blackberry.

I would completely recommend doing business with him!
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Sold him my D1001, great and very fast communication(typical BB user), everything went smooth. He doesn't like paypal so we used USPS money order, every steps of the way was documented with pictures of receipt, tracking number, and envelope. I had my doubts about going around paypal but no more! Would buy/sell from anytime in the future.
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