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The next batch of LD VI will be shipped next Tuesday or Wednesday
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Tung Sol 5998 & Tung Sol 6SU7GTY black label; Big soundstage with great sense of depth. The music is heard further away from the stage!

Tung Sol 5998 & Brimar orange label 6SL7GT; a close intimate sound,lush midrange with great atmosphere and presense.Smaller soundstage than the 6su7gty.

Tung Sol 5998 & NU JAN VT229; the sound IMHO is too warm and rich for the hd650!
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Eye Candy!!!

I think I've acquired enough 6SL7 tubes to last me till LD MK 10 lol….

UK Tubes- Haltron ECC35, Brimar 6SL7GT, CV1985

USA Tubes-National Union Jan-6SL7GT VT-229 and Tung Sol 6SU7GTY

Just try Mullard 6080 the Brimar 6SL7GT, the sound is warm and smooth but the highs are rolled off.

On a second note my favorite setup 5998 and Brimar 6SL7GT have really open up I’m getting more air, depth and better instrument separation. Maybe this is my rig reaching its peak performance.

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It took a while for my cables to get here, but I'm finally here. Still using stock power cables. IC are blue-jeans. I don't really care about cables, but I guess I can try out some volex for the heck of it.

I felt really stupid earlier. The amp has a warm up time. I freaked out and thought my amp was fubared when I first started it up. Left meter is on, why isnt the right one on?! Why am I hearing a hum sound, where's the music?! I turned it off and I sent David an e-mail over it. Really embarrassing moment. Just needs to warm up for a minute.

I got 5998s and Tung Sol VT229 in at the moment. I don't care about the stock ones. I also have...

Tungsol 6SU7WGT
Brimar CV1985
NU VT229
Sylvania VT229

I want the ECC35s, but I don't want to pay over $200 for a matched pair. So I guess I'm set for a while. Don't know what other powertubes to try. I read that the 5998s are pretty much the best. The 421A are stupidly expensive.

As for phones, I got the HD580 (in a 650 outfit) and HD650 (new and old versions). Will amass more dynamics and balance them until I go ES end of next year.

I'm having a hard time writing stuff cause I'm distracted by the music, wait these forums are distracting me from listening. The amp sound awesome. I have a really stupid grin right now. It's not going away.
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Where did you guys get the balanced cables for your headphones? Thinking about getting a mkVI but not sure about how much it will cost to recable the phones.
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You can get them from the usual cable makers just sent them a email to request a 4pin xlr. I got my from APS, quality cable as always but had to wait like 4 weeks.
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Step-down auto transformer

A few weeks ago I was at a local Hi Fi shop buying some Furutech plugs and I notice they had a Digital Voltage meter on display. I thought it was rather cool, so I brought one. So I got home and plug the voltage meter in and I was shock. I’m getting a constant AC voltage swing of 244-252V during most hours except between 8pm – 10pm where is 240-244V. It’s great to watch the AC voltage fluctuate like the stock exchange. But I know this high voltage I’m getting is not good for my MK VI or my Cd player.

After some research I’ve found a local company that is able to make a custom 240-220V step-down transformer for me. My unit is rated at 1000VA with IEC inlet and AUS 3-PIN GPO outlet. After spending a week with the unit I can say that it’s working great. The voltage is more stable from the step-down auto transformer than from the wall outlet and it does not degrade sound quality.

Step-down Auto Transformer

SINE VM-1 Voltage meter: top one showing input voltage of 243V and bottom one showing 223V output.

For those Aussie owners of MK VI or any valve amp and other Hi-Fi equipment import direct from China, I recommend you to get a step-down transformer to prolong the life of the valve/tube and the transformers of the amp. Or else you equipment is running on overtime and its going to fail on you much quicker than normal.
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^ that's neat, how much are those toys?
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For the Step-down Auto Transformer $250AUD and one SINE VM-1 Voltage meter is $120AUD.

Btw i only own one of the voltage meters, the other one is my friends. But its cool to have two of them running at the sametime showing realtime voltage.......
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Anyone know if the 6AS7Gs will work with the LD6?
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Yep you can them no worries!
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Thanks CZ, do you know if the tubes need to be matched quads or will it be OK to use 2 pairs of matched or even 4 unmatched ones?
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It's best to buy all matched tube if you can, I'm not sure if it will damage the amp or not if they're not matched this one is best left to the more experience guys to answer!

I know for sure that if you use unmatched tubes, the DC current meter on the front of the MK6 will be out of whack!
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What's the latest with the tube rolling? My Mk VI just arrived and I'd like to try some tubes. Don't want to break the bank and looking for neutral/natural sound.

Any suggestions?
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Start with quad 5998s and brimar 6SL7GT or CV1985. You can't go wrong with this setup! I must warn you it's not cheap but it's worth it!
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