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Shameless plug - if anyone's looking for the Brimar's and wants to save a few bucks, I'm selling mine.


Edit:  Never mind, kept them.

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The Grado HF2 with the jumbo pads is indeed to bright for my taste. The current tube (6H13C and Valvo 6SL7) in my MK6 is very bright for HF2, but they’re perfect for the HD650 and HF2 using stock bowls. So out they come and in are some warmer sounding tubes to tame those highs. The tubes are the RCA 6AS7G and NU JAN 6SL7GT. Awesome combo IMO for the HF2 with jumbo pads, the highs are now smooth, the mids are to die for and bass is ok maybe on the light side of things. Can’t have everything perfect,but it’s a good compromise in this case.
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So today I swap out the RCA 6AS7G for the mullard 6080, it was the sound I was looking for. The RCA 6AS7G bass was abit light and lack some timbre. The 6080 gives me the bass impact and timbre I was seeking with the HF2. The mids are lush and tubey sounding, and highs are silky similar to the 6AS7G. This combo of mullard 6080 and NU 6SL7GT are perfect for the HF2 with jumbo/bagel pads (bright) , because those tube are very dark IMHO. That’s why I love tube rolling on the LD MK6, I’m able to match the right tubes to the headphone that’s being used. It’s all about synergy and creating a balance sound that is ideal for one’s personal tasted.
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Still rockin my LD MKVI. Still love it as much as the first day I got it. Still use it every single day.

Had a bit of a problem a month ago when the power switch broke partially, which required a replacement. Fired off an e-mail to David at LD and he had a new one to me in about 2 weeks and I soldered it on and was good to go. I was starting to have withdrawals. Great service from LD.
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Looks like no love for the MK6 here on head fi, it seems I'm the only one rolling some tubes with this beast......
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I ordered my mk VI+ a couple of days ago...cant wait for it to arrive, also ordered a pair of hd600 refurbished for $222, planing to recable them ballanced 4pin,
im looking at 2 pcs JADIS ECC35/6SL7Audio Tubes Gold Pin Brass Base - eBay (item 360194092549 end time Oct-30-09 01:04:08 PDT) and also looking at these 4 pcs =SVETLANA=6N13S/ECC230/6AS7G NOS BLACK PLATE NIB - eBay (item 200392355155 end time Nov-07-09 07:29:38 PST)
im fairly new to tubes and a bit confused; are these both driver tubes? and has anyone used HD600 with mk VI+ and what good tubes to use with those headphones?
any help is greatly appretiated.
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I know this thread is long time ago, but did you still remember that when you install the 6H13C on the MK VI, do you have to adjust the bias. I've just installed the 6H13C on the unit, and there is no sound output; the left channel meter peak beyond 100ma and the right channel read at 35ma.


I have clean the contacts and rotated the tubes but with the same result. Are the tubes defected?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Yes if the meters are way off the tubes are bad. There is no bias adjustment on the VI+

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Thanks, greatly appreciated the input.



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You can use this more active thread for more questions as you like



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