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I'm only aware of one version of 6H13C power tube. The links in you post are showing the same tube, theres no difference.

I brought my 6H13C from ebay.

As for the brimar vs valvos, they're in the same class.

I think the brimar is over price at the current price. The valvo are better value at this current price.

Dont have any dealing with natubes.com before so i cant recommend them.
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cz, do you know of any other place to find the valvos?
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Looked on ebay, no valvo's there currently.

FYI, I found out the deal with the difference between the Winged "C" tubes and the others:

Winged C Home Page
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Originally Posted by Lil' Knight View Post
Yes, I upgraded from the DacMagic to DAC1. Mine is USB version.
The biggest change was in details and soundstage. The details of the DAC1 are just awesome, I can hear more sound that I couldn't hear from the DM. The DAC1 is more forward and bright while the DM is a little bit laid-back and warm. IMO, it's a worthy upgrade.
Are you referring to the Benchmark DAC1? Or the new Little Tube DAC1?
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Ok, now I'm starting to get psyched! Got an email from David today saying my VI and DAC will ship in the next few days.

Couldn't find the Valvo's anywhere other than that Vietnam place. Their site is just a bit too dodgy for my taste. Try sending a message to them with their internal messaging and got an error. Try emailing them, they don't respond. Not my kind of operation.

So I ordered the Brimar's from tubemonger, and the 6H13C's from thetubestore. Ordered some herbie's for them as well! For what I'm spending on tubes for this amp, I could buy a MKIVSE But that's ok, I didn't expect them to be cheap, and I want to give the new Krell the best I can get to it.

I'm going to start having a whole lot of fun pretty soon!
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Sure.... As soon as I go and buy them at $30/tube, the 6H13C's show up on ebay for $25 for four. Ugh...

The guy had ten quads available, for that price I bought a set just to keep as spares. So he has nine sets left. $12 shipping, so $37 total. If anyone wants to try the 6H13C's, here they are:

4 x Svetlana 6N13S = 6H13C = ECC230 = 6AS7G Tubes NEW - eBay (item 220418496541 end time Jun-19-09 04:55:07 PDT)
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Hah! Just got an email back from the Vietnam operation about the Valvo's. Says he doesn't sell direct through his site, only via email. So I'm supposed to email my credit card to some guy, supposedly in Vietnam. What's next, he'll ask me to send the payment to his great uncle, the wandering minister in Nigeria??? Scams everywhere folks, always be on the lookout.
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Guys, see my mkvi review. I can confirm that the ld works nicely on 6sn7's. So you can add those to your tube rolling possibilities
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The guy in Vietnam just emailed that he could put them up as buy it now on eBay. If I can do this as an eBay/paypal deal I will grab them. I'll probably end up selling one or the other depending on which I like more. My luck one will sound better with headphones, the other will be better through speakers...
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Never heard back from him. Just bought a pair of Valvo 6SL7's on eBay. My Brimar's arrived as did my Svetlana 6H13C's. Now just waiting for the amp and the DAC!
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I think you'll need more than one set of tubes. Tubes are a gamble if you're lucky they will last you for a few years, if you are unlucky they will fail on you very soon. So always prepare to buy back ups of your favourite tubes!
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Yep, I'm covered. I bought a matched quad of 6H13C's from thetibestore, then those same 6H13C's showed up on that eBay link I posted so I bought another quad as a backup. For the drivers I bought the Brimars, the Valvos, and I also grabbed a pair of used Sylvania 6SL7's off a headfi'er for $25 to have as spares.
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Amp and DAC arrive tomorrow. CAN'T WAIT!!!!
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So couple of days ago one of the Valvo 6SL7GT fail on me

This gave me a chance to put the Brimar Orange Label 6SL7GT back into my MK6. I haven't spend much time with the brimars ever since i got the valvos.

The strengths of the brimar is mid-highs and highs range of the sound spectrum. On my HD650 this will gives you a sense the music is brighter then the valvos. The weakness are lacking bass...

For the Valvos the strengths are lows and low mids, which makes the music warm and musical. The weakness are lacking a bit in the highs...

So in summary for those that like a colder presentation in their music or finds the HD650 is too dark try the Brimars. And those that like a warm musical sound the valvos are the ones for you.

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