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Swedish Radiotube Shop (ships to US!!)

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I recently odered some tubes from the Swedish Radiotube Shop (Swedish Radiotube Shop - radiorör elektronrör hifi-rör förstärkare likriktarrör stabilisatorrör magiskaögon nos mottagare kondensatorer radioapparater radio telefunken siemens philips valvo mullard sylvania rca) and could not be more thrilled with every aspect of the transaction. Ralf e-mailed answers to my questions, has a huge inventory, pricves very fairly both for the tubes and shipping to the US, and shipped very quickly and safely.

And the tubes were topnotch quality and in amazing condition. NOS Mullards in perfect boxes, wrapped in the original cardboard inside and the parchment-like paper, lettering perfect on the tubes, clearly never even opened up and handled. And they sound just as good as they look!

I cannot more highly recommend everyone taking a look around at their site as I found some pretty obscure tubes in the condition described above and priced VERY well. The choice for payment was bank transfer or cash in an envelope which was a little scary at first, but trust Ralf (and me) as you will receive the package before you even have time to woory.

For the record (given my enthusiasm) I have absolutely no relation to Radiotube Shop, just an incredibly happy customer!
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Another very happy customer here! :)

I just recently found out about this radiotube shop. I have bought NOS tubes from many other sellers before, but this is the first time I received NOS tubes that were in like new condition.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the package and noticed that every single one of the tubes looked like they were manufactured yesterday and came straight from the factory. The boxes were in great shape and the tubes showing no signs of age or wear at all.

After my first initial order, I soon stocked up on a lifetime supply of my favorite power tube. Because I knew I would never encounter them in such good condition anywhere else again. This feels like I'm giving away the map to buried treasure, but I highly recommend the Swedish Radiotube Shop and Ralf the man running it.

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