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Electronica/Techno = Denon950... Rock = ?

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I just bought a pair of Denon950, and if you are a electronica/techno fan like i am, you will just love the Denon dynamic and very detailed sound. The bass is real deep and well defined, not boomy, but with a lot of Impact, and i know what im talking about because i was looking for this type of sound, but it took me a long journey through all sort of headphones to get there. I have the SennHD545 and even if they are amazing headphones, they lack in this type of bass impact. I was wondering if im missing much choosing the Denon over the Sony V6 or are they almost the same in sound quality?

But the problem now is that i miss this airy and large soundstage feeling when listening to band like Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Mogwai, Robert Plant/Jimmy Page, etc.. Soundstage that the Denon dont have, they are closed headphone... Im selling my Senns to my sister and was wondering if you guys can suggest me what Grado to get to enjoy again listening to Radiohead. What is the Grado equivalent of the SennHd545 in term of sound quality. Which would be the best for me(I need good bass, not necessarly with deep impact since i have my denon for electronica, something that have impact and a feeling of being involved not far from the stage like Senns). I need the Grado that you guys consider to have the less flaws(no harsh highs, good bass, good sounstage, good price), i want to be able to think about something else then headphone after getting my Grado, and be satisfy with my Denon950, my PortaPro and my new GradoXXX. Im beeing obsess with headphones since i discover headwize.com and i need to go in rehab and stop this obsession, think about something else.... Anyway thanks for your help....
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What is the Grado equivalent of the SennHd545 in term of sound quality.
I asked this same question roughly 2 months ago when I wanted to try Grado sound and was at the time using a Sennheiser HD545. Some people who have owned or heard the HD545's responded that an equivalent would be the SR-225s or 325s. But this was only the response to my simple question. I didn't ask for any other requirements like specific characteristics at different frequency ranges though. Since those 2 models are a bit out of my price range, I never followed through with a Grado purchase.
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i Know Grado 325 have great reviews, but i dont either have enough cash right now to pay that kind of money. I was thinking more of getting grado sr80, but i was wondering if it was a downgrade from my Senn545 in term of sound quality, soundstage and bass? Remember it is for mpe listening, not portable... Please, can u guys help me.
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I've not listened to the SR-80s, but... I think in realistic terms that it would be a sideways step for you to move there from the HD545s... The Grados as far as I know are a little bit fuller throughout the whole audio spectrum... including a boosted midrange (compared to the Senns)... I'm not really that sure that that would be a good match for your musical tastes?!

(Just to let you know... The 580s sound pretty darn good with club music (and... everything else too for that matter!!))
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I was thinking more of getting grado sr80, but i was wondering if it was a downgrade from my Senn545 in term of sound quality, soundstage and bass?
I wouldn't consider it a downgrade at all.......but I would consider it different. Until recently I had both the SR-80 and the HD-545 (two of my sons have them now), and, to my ears at least, there is a world of diffrence between the two headphones.
The Senns have a very smooth response with a fairly large soundstage. I would characterize the highs as "airy." The only areas I could fault them in is their somewhat weak bass response and their slightly distant mid-range. But they are very easy to listen to for extended periods without any fatigue whatsoever.

The Grados, on the other hand, are much more '"in your face."
Their soundstage is smaller, but their bass response, to me, is much tighter and more pronounced than the Senns. The upper midrange and lower treble seems to be elevated, giving you more details which the Senns kind of gloss over. The SR-80s are more revealing of everything, both good and bad.

I would say the Senns are better for classical music because they allow you to become immersed and kinda drift off, if you know what I mean. The Grados, IMHO, are better at rock and music with slam.

In the end, as always, only your ears can be the deciding factor in your purchase. Hope this helps
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Nothing can touch Grado headphones at the types of music you've described. The SR80's would be a nice improvement in the midrange and bass department over the 545's but the highs are unrefined in comparison. You don't get soundstage until you move a lot higher up the chain however.
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