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It is my pleasure to Start a feedback thread for Zephyrsapphire. Myles bought an LOD from me; he was always friendly and replied to my PM;'s promptly. He paid as soon as we had come to an arrangement. Myles was a pleasure to deal with; a very reasonable man indeed. I would have no qualms in recommending him to anyone wanting to do business with him.

thanks Myles

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Thanks Myles

I bought an iPod from Myles he was always available to answer any questions I had about the item. The iPod arrived in mint condition as stated (minus iBUDS LOL) and he shipped it the very next day. He was easy to talk to and very friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend him as a seller.

Thanks myles'

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Thanks Myles

I bought an 80g 5.5gen. Ipod from Myles. He had good communication with me & shipped it out quickly. It arrived in mint looking condition & I am very pleased with the transaction and would not hesitate to do business with him again.

Thanks, Myles!
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Purchased Trensds UD-10.1 from Myles. Great guy to deal with, excellent communication, quick shipping, careful packaging, item arrived as described.
Thanks a bunch!
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great head-fier

I bought Myles's Westone 3; because he found them lacking in sibilance for his taste in music LOL. Communication was quick/friendly as per usual (he never logs out) the IEM's arrived in perfect condition and I love them.

great transaction!! thanks Myles

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You da man!

Myles bought my CD3000. He asked me to hold on to them for a couple of weeks and gave me his word that he would not back out at the last minute. I'm happy to say that Myles is a man of his word and is very trustworthy. Excellent communication and with a good dose of humor too.

Definitely won't hesitate to do transactions with you in the future. Thanks for making the whole process soo smooth Myles. You're an A+++ Head-Fier.
Enjoy your new toy!
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Sold Myles my Pico DAC and transaction went very smoothly. Highly recommended and thanks again!
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Myles was awesome enough to let me audition his GS-1 for 2 weeks. I know it's not the typical sort of thing commented on in terms of feedback threads, but I was/am very grateful for the opportunity. Loaning someone gear and trusting their treatment of it during that time is a huge ask IMO. Myles was very generous in every way, and is a perfect example of the very best members in the community. I can only hope to be so lucky as to have an opportunity to purchase from him in the future.



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Sold my Pico Slim to Myles. Transaction was smooth as butter and communication was awesome. What more can I ask for?


Thanks you so much and enjoy the beautiful sound

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Myles purchased some Ortofon e-Q7s from me. Fast payment, smooth transaction. Would deal with again in a heartbeat. Great head-fier, enjoy the headphones!

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Bought Myles' CD3000. He posted and answered any of my questions very promptly. The CD3000 arrived as described.  


Unfortunately, he was in a hurry because of a uni due, so he didn't quite pack the CD3000 properly. The case was losely wrapped in bubble wrap and was bouncing inside the box. $1 worth of Sydney Morning Herald or free air sacks would've fixed the problem. ;) 


Despite that small hickup, I would still highly recommend him as a seller. 

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