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hiss in CDP

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Hi all,

So now I have a Cambridge Audio D300 in my arsenal, it sounds much better than my old portable Sony CDP(D-365) just out of the box, with more juice and energy. Music becomes more colorful and vivid, and simply stands out. However, when I have my ear close to the CD tray, I can hear a slight hiss due to the spinning of the CD in the tray I think. Is this normal, at least, for a budget CDP? Or, does this simply mean my CDP is defective? Anyone have any similar experience? Of course I'm certain I would not notice any of the hiss when I have my headphone on.
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It's normal, my Marantz CD6000 makes a slight noise too. If you listen carefully you will probably hear a humming sound from the power transformer too..

Enjoy your new player!
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My damn sony does that when the g protection is ticked off and tries to compensate for skips and scratches. I also can sometime hear the power transformer when I am listening to classical music in a quiet room. I think the only way to resolve this problem compeltely is to use solid-state drives (all RAM and no spinning or linear media) with shielded electronics.
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Wait a minute. Arewe talking about the hiss from the CD player as being amplified and reproduced by you headphones or simply the NORMAL sound you should hear when a device is spinning? If it is the former, you might have either a really bad source and a good amp, a really good source but a bad amp, or bad source and amp. If it is the latter, you have nothing to worry about (unless it is hella loud) since no CD players are DEAD silent. You have moving parts -> friction -> vibration -> sound. You PROBABLY won't b able to hear it with your phones least not at MY listening levels

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I think it's about a very slight mechanical noise coming from the cdp, not in the signal, just the disc spinning.

we don't have a decent cdp in the house (all minisystems ) so I'm used to that...

are more expensive players totally silent in this aspect?
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Thanks all, then it seems I have nothing to worry about.

domer2004: yes, we are talking about the sound of a spinning cd in the cd tray. Of course if I don't get my ear very close to the CDP, I can't notice the sound. But I guess those HUGE high-end CDP should be dead silent for their price, right? Anyway, I think I can just sit down and enjoy my music. Thanks all for your advice.
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Yeah, my dad has a nice Denon CDP and it is pretty dead. If you can hear over your tinitus, you can hear a slight hum. Almost inaudible.

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