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Audio-gd Reference One DAC

Head-Fi member: IpodPJ

sold item(s) to

Head-Fi member: CML86

1) ITEM(S) SOLD TO CML86: Please list the model number, manufacturer's name, color of the unit, etc. Audio-gd Reference One DAC

2) PRICE THE ITEM(S) WERE SOLD FOR, less shipping charges & declared value insurance: $1150

3) HOW BUYER PAID: Please list if BUYER paid by PayPal with funds already in BUYER'S account, or BUYER paid by Credit Card and was charged an extra 3.7% to cover PayPal fees. CASH, Local Pick-up


a) How smooth was BUYER/SELLER interaction? Was BUYER friendly? Did we communicate well and did BUYER get all his/her concerns and questions answered? Very smooth transaction. Tim was very friendly and communication was excellent. All his questions were answered.

b) Did BUYER acknowledge that you (SELLER) was explaining every possible shipping method to BUYER upfront? It was a local pick-up.

c) Did BUYER acknowledge that you (SELLER) explained thoroughly how the device works and it's condition upfront? Yes.

d) Did BUYER acknowledge that you (SELLER) explained the condition of all the packaging, accessories, and manuals upfront? Original box and BNC cable were included. No manuals come with any Audio-gd component.

e) Did BUYER acknowledge that you (SELLER) explained (if applicable) that the warranty has a remainder left? I explained to him that there is a 3 year warranty on the unit, and I have only owned it for 5 - 6 months.


a) Did you (SELLER) experience any problems while preparing the item for shipment? None. And it wasn't shipped.

b) Did you (SELLER) track the package and make sure it was signed for and delivered on time? Not shipped. c) Did you (SELLER) ship all items in the "perfect A+ like-new condition" SELLER as promised to the BUYER by you? (If you, the SELLER, had advised BUYER that the product was in a different condition, please post it's condition here. Please also post that BUYER was made aware of its condition by you, the SELLER, before you were charged BUYER for the item.) DAC was sold in same condition it was purchased in. It looks brand new and functions perfectly. There are only about 100 hours on it.

d) Did you (SELLER) ask the BUYER if the item worked as promised? Yes, and waiting for his response.


a) On a scale of 1 being worst and 10 being best, how would you rate this entire transaction from start to finish? 9 (because price offered was lower than I had advertised, however I chose to accept $50 less because it was purchased for cash and a local pick-up, and saved me the time of having to ship it to one of the other people who offered full price -- and of course Tim was the first person to respond to the listing).

b) Would you do business with BUYER again in the future? Absolutely.

Please leave any additional notes or comments if you would like, i.e. things BUYER could do to make transactions go better in the future. i.e. any additional things you would like to say about the BUYER. Tim was very easy to deal with and was always cordial. His transaction skills are A+ and the purchase was expedient. He is highly recommended as a buyer.
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I sold Tim UE TF10's. Extremely fast payment, easy to deal with and had good communication. Would recommend and would not hesitate to deal with again.
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Sold my WA6

Couldn't have been happier with the transaction, communication, or payment...definitely would buy/sell again!!
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Purchased a beautiful pair of vintage RS1s from Tim. Excellent, speedy transaction; could not have been better.

Highly recommended!
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Sold him my beloved Phoenix, all was good with the transaction.
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Audio-GD Phoenix

I purchased an Audio-GD Phoenix amp from Tim and couldn't be happier with the transaction. Communication was prompt and clear, and he put the amp in the mail the same afternoon. Amp arrived as described in our conversations and came properly packed.

Thanks again Tim!
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Tim purchased a pair of HF-2 from me. Good communication and prompt payment. Would highly recommend!
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I sold Tim a pair of Grado SR325. He was so prompt with communication and payment that I could send them out the same day I advertised them! Best transaction ever, would definitely do business again. Thanks, Tim!
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Tim purchased my Beyer DT48As. He's a courteous correspondent and prompt payer. Very highly recommended. Thanks!
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Sold Tim my MTPC. Perfect in all regards.
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Sold Tim my RSA P-51. Tims a great guy & does what he says hes gonna do. I got the payment fast & communication was great. A real pleasure!
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i bought a set of MTPC from Tim. Perfect transaction! Good quick communication, very friendly, definitely a pleasure to deal with. Would deal with again! Thanks Tim!
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Just picked up a cable from Tim. Communication was great, and the item was packed well, and shipped fast. Smooth transaction.
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Bought a cable and adapter from tim. Communication was extremely good and package arrived in great condition.
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I bought Tims E5, my E5 arrived in record time and as described..

Thanks for the flawless transaction, Tim....
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