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dont think it would have fit, your's are all terminated in 1/4"!! lol
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Purchased a custom LOD from Jeremy. Communication was excellent, and the merchandise was exactly what I'd specified. Lead time & delivery date was reasonable. I would not hesitate to do business with Jeremy again.

Peace ~ Graz
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bought 20 feet of cryoparts twcu off jeremy and a mini.
but definately deal with him again and again haha...still he has faster delivery times than anyone else i know of. + delivery usually includes a nice informative chat.
and a photowhores update
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Just shipped off a VALab DAC to Jeremy. He made everything easy, with great communication and fast payment. A pleasure of a deal, with a great Head-Fi'er!
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***** 5 Stars for the work and attitude of Jeremy.
I am listening to the 5 foot (5 foot at my request) Vortex HP cable he made for me. I opted for the Furutech 704 and optional black nylon sheath for my Denon D5000's and I am very happy with the results.
He did the work in under a week and they were in my hands (California) 4 days after he sent them.
Great Job!
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bought 3 foot imod - RCA cable and wire for making diymod. we had long consultation of what will cable consists. he was always accommodating to answer all my stupid questions bout this. really fast replays with lots of pics (for better choices and final cable was shotted too). everything was shipped quickly. just one problem was founded. customs officers needed invoice for counting VAT. A+ seller, highly recommended.

thank you Jez
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He's always quick to reply my emails and gave detailed answers to my noob questions. Posted my LOD almost immediately at a great price.

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Jeremy reterminated my SAA Equinox to 4-pin XLR. Superb piece of work, end result is much much better than I expected (I got extras for free ).


Cheers mate! 

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Oh I bought a low profile LOD for imod and a optical cable from Jeremy.

Nice guy to deal with and provide lots of suggestions to guide me thou to decide what suits my need most.

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I sold two OPA637AU to Jeremy. Communication was very nice and payment was fast. It was a pleasure doing business with him. Thank you! 

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Thanks, Jeremy for your great communications and spotless transaction during the sale of your Pico Slim.  Got it in record time from Down Under.

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Sent some Nordost Valkyrja cable to Jeremy and he individually stripped each piece and put them in better quality teflon sleeving. He then put some copper stranded wire for grounding and put some very nice black sleeving over the top of it. Eichmann Silver Bullet RCA connectors as well. Great guy to deal with. Gave me an unbelievable deal. Would definitely do business with Jeremy again. 

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