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Bought another low profile iPhone dock from qusp as I was weel pleased with his work in the past. As usual he is a pleasure to deal with and has good and prompt communication to make sure the correct product is produced. When the dock arrived there was a bad connection or dud 1/8" jack so he promptly made a new one with a better speced jack and shipped it out at no extra cost. A class act.
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Bought a iPod LOD cable off Jeremy. Extremely happy all round. Very fast communication, helped and explained things to me as well as recommending the best LOD for my needs. LOD was made within 48 hours of payment and was shipped very quickly.

Already have another job planned for him Thanks Jeremy.
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Jeremy helped get a few Cardas Sennheiser plugs for me. Although the original envelope was not strong nor secure enough for the purpose (it ripped, causing loss of a pair), Jeremy promptly made up for it by sending another, cryo'ed pair. He even ignored my offers to pay the difference.

A very responsible and generous act from Jeremy. Very very pleased with the transaction. Thanks!
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hehe; ignored LOL. you are correct I would not have accepted your offer, but was more that I get flooded with emails and I just didnt get around to answering that one. been sick with the flu in bed mostly for the last 3-4 days.
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Jeremy was one of the rare few who responded to my LOD queries (low post count + no credibility, think I can understand why >_>) and he has been a very patient guy throughout the pm/email exchanges. Quality is top notched and I won't hesitate to deal with him again. Thanks man!
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Highly recommended!!!

Swift blow-by-blow communication and Jeremy would put in extra lengths for his customer's satisfaction. He did my DIY modded iPod and when I mentioned a site that sells a certain kind of battery, he took the measure of ordering it himself from across the globe. Furthermore, his craftsmanship and attention-to detail with his cables is totally superb. And Jeremy's patience and understanding with problems and bumps is beyond compare.

Million thanks, man. More power to you!!!
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Recieved My custom Senn Cable from Jeremy today, it's always such a pleasure doing business with him. He really is one of the most patient & understanding Guys to deal with, and his fine work and fair prices are unmatched. Highly Recommended, will definitely be doing more business with You in the future. Cheers Mate.

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Jeremy recabled my Denon D2000s, and dude this cable is prettier, more flexible, and looks more durable too. At some point, I also decided to get a LOD made, and it's one high quality product. Certainly better than my ZY LOD cable, which I bought for the same price! When the LOD didn't sit snugly in my NuForce Icon Mobile (which is NuForce's fault, for having dumb contours), he offered to reterminate with a small neutrik, but I declined, preferring to perform surgery on my amp. Now, people keep picking up my portable rig to ask what that cool braided cable thing between the iPod and the amp is.

Jeremy was a pleasure to deal with. He was supremely communicative, explaining loads of stuff to me, answering all the questions I had with plenty of detail, etc. AND his prices are more than reasonable. Living in NZ, it's a no brainer for me. Jeremy will meet my cable-related needs for a while to come, unless he's too busy doing bigger things.
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Jeremy is one helluva guy He's very patient, answers all manner of newb questions. I bought a Mundorf LOD from him, which he made very fashionably! Thanks Jer! You rock!
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got qusp to help me make a livewires cable, lotsa things like indecisiveness and accidents happened and one thing led to the other hence the production was delayed. qusp even offered courier service just so it could reach me within the same week to make it up to me; to which i rejected as it was no fault of his.

although the cable did not really meet my requirements physically (received an angled jack instead of a straight plug), the sound was superb. will not hesitate to deal again, and hopefully the next experience will be a smoother one.

thanks man

P.S. Don't sweat about the earguides, there's a local dealer over at my side and I can contact em for it.
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Jeremy made my 9ft HD800 Vortex cable with Bocchino XLRs.

The cable initially got heavy handled at our last Sydney meet and I had to ship back up to Jeremy for repairs.

All through this Jeremy had communicated above and beyond any professional level that I have experienced before. He went to the trouble of sending me photos, via email of my various options and wrote out detailed descriptions for me to chose from.

In Jeremy’s field of expertise it’s very hard to gain credibility for things that are so subjective and personal. I believe his genuine passion for his art has the edge on the competition, I will be going straight back to Jeremy for any of my cable needs.

Thanks Jeremy!
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I just got my LOD from Jeremy.

I must say that Jeremy has did an excellent job!

When I start to contact with Jeremy at beginning.
I informed him of my budget and demand.
Jeremy quickly gave me many options and opinions.
Help me to decide the best way of my LOD.

And now it comes!

Now I am going to enjoy my music!
Thank You! Jeremy!
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haha jk,
I emailed Jeremy yesturday requesting a ipod compatible LOD(no error message), he hooked me up with a cryoparts cryo copper cable with silver ground and cryoparts mini. then I asked for some cardas solder and another cryoparts mini and he hooked me up with some of that too... He got the job done over night, I picked it up today off him in brissy. Jeremy is a pleasure to deal with, and even brought his transportable rig and all this other jawdropping stuff with him to show off to me (a noob)
Thanks Jeremy look forward to dealing with you again,

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hehe nice one; I realized after I left that I didnt offer for you to plug your grados into my rig for a listen. next time. thanks guys
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