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:there is no emoticon for what I feel right now: and the redface looks stoopid thankyou guys for helping to show what is the norm
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slander and extortion works boys and girls

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i ordered a 4 wire lod (2 copper, 2 silver) and it is very well built and he was a great guy to deal with. he put up with my stupid questions and stuff. i recommend his work
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Jeremy have shown great patience always responding quickly and helpfully on my many questions. Unfortunately we ran into some trouble with unreliable Ebay dealers and delayed orders but all the time we had a close dialog in our mail conversations which helped to find out alternative solutions to our problems.

This is my order from Jeremy:
  • DIYMOD 5.5g wired with cardas pure silver tonearm wire
  • VCAP dock with OIMP vcaps /w LOD in on 18AWG jena and cryo silver
  • RCA out on eichmann RCA sockets
  • Cardas right angle RCA->switchcraft mini with 18AWG jena and cryo silver
Still haven´t tried my setup much - but judging from my early experiences - it´s just wonderful!

Bottom line: Jeremy is a very sympathetic guy that delivers excellent products. I highly recommend him.
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Wow, this story still isn't over yet?

Anyhow: Got a small mini to mini cable from Jeremy and am totally happy with it, its very nice work.
And, as others already mentioned, with me he was very nice, friendly and polite in his emails, answering many many noobish questions with everlasting patience.
Can only recommend his work.
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thanks man, nah not still going on. actually shopuld have ended when I issued a refund
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After trading PM's with Jeremy, I ordered a low profile LOD (after seeing his fine work, I might add) He asked me to send him pictures of how I plan on using the LOD so that it would be perfect. He even went so far as to ask which side I wanted the cable on. He emailed me every step of the way, and sent pictures BEFORE he even shipped it out. He asked if it would be ok to delay shipping two days to ensure the paint dried to his liking. Let's not lose sight of the work he puts into his product. He doesn't have these in stock. He makes them to order. As the LOD is coming from down under, I expect it in my box anyday now. I will post pictures when it arrives.

EDIT: Low profile LOD arrived today, well packaged, in a snaplock bag. 9 business days from AUS. Not bad. I will be back for more.

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solid guy to deal with. very prompt and knowledgeable in the email replies. the low pro LOD sounds amazing to boot . the build quality is awesome. will defy do business with him again . in the process of gettin some interconnects on a semi porta rig from him
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Great cable from a great guy!!!

WOW! What else can I say. I ordered a 1/4 to mini converter cable to use with my Lisa III so that I could still use my LiveWires and other mini terminated cans. What showed up was an incredible looking cable that sounds amazing as well. Every part of it appears to have been executed to perfection.

Jeremy is not only a very skilled cable maker...he's a great guy who has always communicated VERY well thorughout the whole process.

There is NO doubt that I will be having him do more work for me in the future. There is a cap dock for my set up just waiting to be built! Just need the cash....but when that times comes...there is no doubt who I am giving my money to!

Thanks mate...I have appreciated your help and suggestions.

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Jeremy purchased some opamps from me after we exchanged a number of PMs regarding selection, characteristics, etc. All my PMs were promptly returned and I much enjoyed our discussions.

Payment was immediate, and I would not hesitate to enter into any transactions with Jeremy in the future.
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Wierd Jeremy did really fine work for me.

My goal was to buy DYImod + LOD from Him. Here's how it went:

1.He PMed me some pics with his work - VERY well made
2.He answered my noobish questions
3.being allways online when i am in need of knowledge
4.He answered my noobish questions
5.He even bought me Ipod and shipped [air to be exact] it straight to Him to make things go a little faster for both of us.
6.He answered my noobish questions
7.He PMed me pics of my Ipod
8.He answered my noobish questions
9.He PMed me pics of my LOD
10.He answered my noobish questions
11.He gave me protective screen and some caps for free, and He took care of uncool white front panel of my Ipod and exchanged it for me. As far as i remember ATM, He also did it for me for free.
12.He answered my noobish questions
13.He used XLO jack instead of switchcraft for free. Any questions mates?
14.He answered my noobish questions
15.He sent it well packaged and without any damage
16.He answered my noobish questions
17.He was kind and friendly with good sense of humour

:atsm ile:

I had to pay customs because Jeremy declared some package value [i knew about it so plus for Him] but i can live with that because anything can allways happen and the customs weren't problem to me - they were fairly small. Ensurance for package is more important than couple bucks i had to pay so no prob with that and once more - no bad feelings about paying.

It was nice doing deal with qusp and i can only encourage everyone who will deal with him.That is how things should work.

So i can only say that those three pages of "war" between qusp and the other head-fier do not afflict my decision about dealing with Jeremy. I' d do it again with no hesitation and i will in the near future Jeremy - You my mate can count on that!

Respect for Your work.
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Bought a mogami iPod line-out dock cable from him. Received it really quickly and it is of excellent quality.
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