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dispute solved
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dispute solved
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end of Discussion i'm drawing a line under it. now move on mate; you said what you came here to say and I think everyone heard it. even the 2 people that I contacted about work. I posted a link to this thread so it was out in the open. fand fancy that; 2 more customers
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this way forward; wow what an ugly scene; time to set a different tone. happy days are here again
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Jeremy made a custom LOD cable for my set-up - custom dock connector, custom length, cable, coverings, 3.5mm jack - all as requested. The communications were great, the treatment is extremely friendly and the job done exceptionally well. I would not hesitate to recommend Jeremy's work anytime.

Thank you!

Link to the finished product in its place:
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Wow 3 pages of arguing...?!
Why are his posted edited with '---'
Moderators doing this?
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Originally Posted by Bon_DC2 View Post
Wow 3 pages of arguing...?!
Why are his posted edited with '---'
Moderators doing this?
that was his way of presumably quoting me, he said nothing else in those posts except that. I dont know why, but hey
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Sorry, I didnt read every word, I just skimmed through....
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and he continues, still doubting and insulting. oh well; i've tried to set a different tone in my communications with him, but I guess my view doesnt change. and the refund is only happening if it doesnt get there by then. sux they've taken this long and I am no longer using that service. no comment on your insinuation
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Jeremy bought my used iRiver iHP-120. Since I do not ship overseas he found a person in the USA for me to ship it to, another Head-Fier. Once the deal was settle very fast payment and good communication. Thanks.
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Low Profile Cowon X5 LOD

Jeremy took on challenge of making a much more uncommon low profile LOD designed to fit the Cowon X5 & M3 and results were IMO fantastic, as follows:

Final product is IMO professional looking, used top quality materials, Jena wire, etc and works and fits my setup beautifully

I say he took on a challenge, as the X5/M3 dock connector is quite different from the ipod type and hence the design method around securing the connector tightly in socket had to accommodate leaving the spring-loaded locking pins in place, which although giving not as low a profile connector as dreamed of, was ultimately the best and likely only solution or option that would reliably and robustly work.

This final successful product was only possible as a result of an incredible amount of care, focus, attention to detail, great dialogue, suggestions and ideas that Jeremy came up with over a few communications with me. I really appreciated this level of passion for detail and care, since had he just built the LOD based on my single original request, idea and spec it's likely that it wouldn't have worked particularly well, if at all. Instead I've ended up with a superb custom product that is likely the only solution that could currently have worked properly

Jeremy's communication was excellent, keeping me well updated on time-scales, when he would be able to commence the build, ongoing progress, construction options, remaining build time, completion and postage stages. Indeed his reply efficiency was better than mine and many professional companies

I think it's worth saying that Jeremy is a private part-time, home-builder, doing this in his spare-time, and although obviously getting a bit out of what he does, I believe that similar to other head-fi community builders, mainly driven by a passion and great love of this field/subject and sharing that with a community of like-minded folk. He's therefore not running a full-time professional company operation and as such there has to be some perspective on what anyone can expect from him and others doing the same thing. Despite this, IMO he's rivaled and exceeded what you could get from many professional outfits and I seriously doubt that I could have gotten such a customized product, even from some of our highly respected outfits in the field and certainly not at the same cost, assuming they would have even taken on such a build.

Apologies for length of post, but thought was important. I for one, am a very happy customer and can unreservedly recommend Jeremy's services and can say that whenever I need something similar in future I'll definately be consulting him
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Just got my Low Profile LOD from Jeremy. Its being used with my iPhone 3g and RSA Mustang. The fit is beautiful, very snug, no extra cable taking up space which was important for me, since I really don't want a lot of extra stuff in my pocket The cable LOOKS great, SOUNDS great, and is very well built.

Jeremy was very communicative, and always got back to me within a day, usually within a few hours.

Shipping was slow, however that was expected as he had given me a good time frame for delivery after the item was shipped (Australia to the US isn't going to be fast unless you spend a lot on shipping!)

I am extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend Jeremy's work to anyone. I'll post some pictures once I get a chance to take some
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