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priceless he fell into the trap and this man is over 50 years old with a family
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time has passed dispute was solved
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:edited for effect

lying about your age was all part of my dastardly plan; damn... you were here to correct me; why didnt I think of that. jeez I can be stupid sometimes

I think you mean added to again by the way not edited

is there something that I can do to help??
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edited because this isnt what this thread is about and its ground thats been covered already. This circular argument is rather tiresome and you are clearly just baiting so you can have a bit more fun; I have work to do and besides you are getting trackbacks on this thread anyway so you heard :roleyes:. I have more important things to do than argue on here. like putting out quality work and this has taken way too much of my customers time already. have a nice life; I hope you enjoy the cable and sort out whatever is going on in your life at the moment that makes you want to do this for kicks
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Originally Posted by music_4321 View Post
LOL you just keep on digging your hole
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