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I bought a LOD from Jeremy. Not only was the LOD of exceptional build quality, but dealing with Jeremy in general was a pleasure. When an impossible situation came up, he was upfront with me, and was able to ship the LOD without much delay. Both of these make me want to do business again: nothing is more important to me than honesty and quality.

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Sold my Denon D2000 to Jeremy. Friendly guy, good communication and fast payment.

Thank you Jeremy.
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What can I say that hasn't been said already? OH, a picture is worth a thousand words in this case =)

Very satisfied
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Originally Posted by chef8489 View Post
We had about 50 pm's back and forth as he taught me a lot about cables and sound.
I'm glad I wasn't the only one annoying him, lol
Very long overdue comments on my great experience with Jeremy.

I have to echo that point, I am completely new to all this, and he took his time to explain everything to me several times, made sure I understood everything.

Ended up buying my first (and possibly only) iPod LOD cable from him, and am very happy. My only gripe was that the post office took so long to get it to me. Great build, nice and small, although it may be overkill for my first amp.

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labored Jeremy on a month long project which ended in sweet victory to our ears! haha

Vcap on steroids + overkill cables all arrived safely within 4days of shipment..

perfect communication was kept the whole time, both online and on the phone..

qusp is.. VERY accommodative with ur constraints (which i had many..) but all in all.. u will be very satisfied with the end product

nowwww just 1 word of warning about Jeremy.. he is... POISONOUS

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Originally Posted by callmevil View Post
nowwww just 1 word of warning about Jeremy.. he is... POISONOUS
hehe muhuhuhahaha!!!

no problem faisal glad I could assemble such a high-tech graphics card for you and I am glad your obviously very cluey customs service were able to see it for what it is LOL graphics card hehe certainly was able to make fast work of a very realistic rendering of your empty wallet
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and I stand by my subject line
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and a message to any new customers; if the little man above hasnt scared you all off. I started out with this complaint in a very polite, apologetic and obliging way I notice he hasnt quoted himself from that; I wanted him to try and push the pins up, because I have had a similar problem where that was all that had to be done because the pins had settled into the groove; so in that case the item was posted all the way back here to australia and I spent about 10 seconds fixing it and then shipped it all the way back to the UK, doesnt that sound like a better solution?? it went downhill from there. whereas he was rude from the time he received an item that was not working. I am not a bad man as he seems to think; I am just one man; who does what he can with the crazy life he leads in 2 timezones. anyone who wants something from me will need to wait at least a week sometimes 2 for delivery once I ship; even express post for items I pay considerable amounts for shipping on; like $50 sometimes take 2 weeks to get to me; so expect that to be the time it takes; even express post which the above poster wanted me to fork out for, takes only 1 or 2 days less for $8 more, and I cant send items as letter by express mail for documents, so I will use regular airmail which takes 4-10 days as a default option. if you would like it to be quicker, you will have to pay yourself. i'm just saying, because it seems that some people have unreasonable expectations of what I should give for free.

now I wonder if he will be able to resist himself??? even though I AM NOT TALKING TO HIM
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