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It's my pleasure to start a feedback thread for qusp. Jeremy bought a bunch of wires and things from me. Communication was always fast and friendly, and he paid as soon as we had a deal. He also sent me a length of a wire I was keen to try, as promised.

Jeremy has shown himself to be an honest and reliable man, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone thinking of doing business.

Thanks J!
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Sold my iPod the Jeremy. Very communicative and friendly. He paid as soon as the deal was settled.

Thank you Jeremy!
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I bought a low profile Ipod LOD from Jeremy. I live in Brisbane also, so I met him at his house to pick it up. He showed me his workbench and gear and I have no problem vouching for the quality of the parts and the workmanship on any of the cables he builds. He's a top bloke, considerate and easy to communicate with.

Highly recommended and I wish him the best of luck with his cables.

Regards, Adam.
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thanks adam kind words indeed
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Bought an LOD from him. The first one had some issues but he repaired them without any additional costs. The quality of his LOD is amazing and I would definitely buy more stuff from him again. Cheers!
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Jeremy made me a mini-mini and low profile lod for iPhone and both are very good and he is a very nice person to converse with.

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Just grabbed a brilliant LOD for my iPod5/iPod Touch Gen2 from Jeremy. I have to say he is a top guy to deal with. The LOD received as promised and I really love it after two days testing.

I will not hesitate to deal with him again.
Cheers mate.
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Bought a LOD from Jeremy, got it fast with no problems. He updated me all the time which was very nice. Great guy to deal with.
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Bought a custom mini-mini IC from Jeremy.
Friendly and helpful person, even when the questions/enquiries were over a span of time, before I finally decided to buy one from him.

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I bought an LOD from Jeremy and could not be happier.
Communication always quick and very nice.
And the cable looks great and sounds even better!

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Bought a kick-ass custom iphone compatible LOD from Jeremy. The VADER LOD!!! Behold:

Jeremy has great communication and is lots of fun to converse with. Jeremy's attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction is top notch as well. Jeremy took a lot of time and effort to help me in planning out the perfect dock for my needs (and put up with all of my noob-ish questions) and then built it out for me.

Beyond being a great fella, Jeremy managed to build the LOD better than any other one I currently own. The LOD build is very sturdy too, it doesn't 'rock back and forth' when inserted into the ipod like another LOD I have that I paid way too much for. The LOD is professionally finished and looks great and sounds AWESOME. I don't think I've ever been this satisfied and psyched over a dock, but I am now.

Thanks Jeremy.
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Bought an iPhone/iPod LOD from Jeremy. Jeremy was great to deal with and communicated with we as to what I wanted in a LOD. He shipped it fast from Oz and it was well made. Very good guy to deal with and highly recommended. Thank you Jeremy
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thanks again guys :happy new year: glad everyone's happy. if only more people posted in here. I think maybe one in ten do it. oh well. have a great year guys; with lots of happiness and good music; dont forget the music hehe
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Bought a custom LOD from Jeremy and he was extremely helpful. We had about 50 pm's back and forth as he taught me a lot about cables and sound. The cable has amazing build quality. As good if not better than my qables and alo. He will make anything you want. Great person to deal with and will do again.
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Sold my Westone 3's to him and he paid in instalments. No hassle at all! I trust Jeremy 100%. Very wonderful person to deal with. Til the next time, Jeremy!
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