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shigzeo, you are clsoe to Mr. Wang's club at Dufferin and Lawrence. It's in a small Plaza with a Swiss Chalet, above a disability products store, next to the Burger King (which is surely responsible for my weight).

Mr. Wang's club is old and a bit shabby, but some very good players used to go there and train. He's open til 10 on evenings.

here's some info I pulled from the OTTA web site:

Toronto Table Tennis Training Centre
944 Lawrence Ave. W. 2nd Floor

Contact: Wang Enlong 416-783-3770

I used to play there a lot but now play at the Chinese club in Markham.
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is it scarborough kings? i played once there and once at topspin (expensive). both have good players but i am unused to a bit of the organisation. thank you so much. i have been longing to play though i really am rubbish.

would love sometime to be handily beaten by you!
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Table-tennis is so hard to retrain.
As i'm taking my O levels now, i doubt i'll ever return to my previous standard after a break of about 6 months.
So, good luck to you in regaining back your skills!
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shigzeo,, it's not Scarboro Kings or Topspin (which is not a good club/playing venue), S Kings is crowded and a lot of league play.

Search CTTA and then Ontario Table Tennis Association ...they have links to all clubs. Anyway, I play at Canadian Chinese Club on Denison Rd. in Markham. (I'm probably one of 5 people who are not Chinese, but they make me feel very welcome). World class facility and a good range of top and mid-range rated players. It is considered one of the best playing facilities in North America.
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it's cool in you guys country that there are clubs.
In my country there are few clubs....
in my country, once you graduate of school and university, you'll probably have to stop table-tennis.
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well, i expect to not go to an expensive place but lorne, someday let's play. ill check out some places in the next 3 weeks: but im out of practice now for ... 3 months... bloody hell
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It doesn't matter which colour you use for your forehand. It both rubbers were different types then yes colour would matter
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They were probably talking about what colour they were using in the fun way.
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never played Table Tennis . . . . .

. . . . . . . but I have played Beer Pong

but for some reason I do not remember much about the paddles
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Donic Waldner Dotec Ar
Yasaka Mark V gps forehand black
Yasaka Mark V backhand red
but just saw the applegren and looking at that or carbon
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you got the dotec? how does that feel in the hand? ive been intrigued. i see however your good choice of rubbers: yasaka mark v is amazing.

however, i am using now no yasaka rubbers: only stiga chop and drive on my yasaka sweeper blade and the aforementioned on my yasaka gatien extra s.

yasaka blades whilst not popular are just so amazing in the hand and have a better feel than any other blade i have used, but ive not touched the donic blades...
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Just got back into table tennis after an 11 year break.  Time sure flies!    I'm so outta shape and gained a bit of weight over the years.  Time to hit the clubs again. 


I used shakehand style and favor a slightly offensive type of play.  I enjoyed looping more than close to the table play.  Played with 729 Super FX 2.2mm and BH 2.0mm back in the late 90s with some cheap yinhe blade.  My rackets are about 11-12 years old, so for the past 2 weeks I have been doing some reading on popular rackets.  Ordered an Amultart blade with some butterfly bryce speed fx rubbers.  I have no idea what to expect; just hoping it won't be extremely fast that I couldn't handle it.  It's great to be active again!  

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I play "Chinese style" lol not sure how to call it.

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Originally Posted by shigzeo View Post

i played in a team in japan and when back in canada i sometimes play in a club but it is harder to find here. im not bad but i have little confidence.

our ace was the best in hokkaido and rated in top 10 in under 40 in japan so i had some good coaching.

speed glue: you should not be using that anymore mate! banned. i have started using just rubber cement: cheap and has a decent performance for a non-professional.

in canada i had a rating a year or so ago but it was horrid, i think under 800 or so. now im over 1000 but not sure how much. i can do well against my 1600 level friend but im sure i am not 1600. but that is just a north american rating system i think. in other countries ive been to they don't bother with that stuff unless you really are good.

i beat the former top 7 under 17 player in norway! yay!

That´s because most norwegians are like KrMathis I suspect. Try some Swedes... Though the current generation don´t measure up to the last sadly :(...


Amazing memories of J-O Waldner, Jorgen Persson and the likes going up against the big chinese players.

To long ago since I played myself though. It´s the most fun recreation sport I have ever found surely.

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I'm president of my HIgh School's Ping Pong Club and we always end up playing some beer pong =p

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