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Originally Posted by Straby View Post
They are even cheaper now on amazon.jp (8,111 JPY) and they ship for free. They only ship to Japan though.

I like the clean look this headphone. No fancy shiny part, no weird cupholders, me likes.

Maybe someone from Japan can hook us up? I am really not prepared to pay almost twice as much on AC.
ebay has es55 for about 120 shipped.

quick! give us some impressions
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Originally Posted by ~Kaotic~ View Post
yep, just wait until the warehouse123 carry these ES55s, I'm pretty sure it will be cheaper than audiocubes which has everything on msrp.
yep, they are always 30 - 50 % cheaper than audiocubes. I bought the sq5 from warehouse and save about 60 bucks.
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I bought my CK7 in 2006 from Warehouse123. Back then, audiocubes still had reasonable prices but I saved about $5 buying from WH123. They shipped quickly and the guy I spoke to in HK was really helpful.
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First Post

Hi, making my first post, been checking this forum out every so often for a few years now and thought I would contribute a bit and order the new es55 and give impressions. I will hopefully have em by the end of the week.

So my quality headphone experience is very limited. The px100, koss ks75, and that odd m-audio q40 are basically my experience in anything better then the usual crap that comes with mp3 players.

Basically, I like classic style over the head style headphones that are light and secure enough to bike* and workout in. Especially in the winter when they do an even more important job in keeping my ears warm on cold windy days :P.

With that criteria, the px100 is perfect and I love them(though I have broken two over a few years, and in the same way, the left ear cutting out). The koss is ok, not quite as nice sounding though, but I've decided I do not like the feel of the ear clip style.

So, I want to improve my sq (though they do a great job for what they are) over the px100 while retaining as many of the px100 benefits as I can (though biking is out as the es55 are closed). I can see how it is difficult for people to justify the es55 when they can get the es7 for slightly less money, but in my case, the smaller size of the es55 is paramount to what I am looking for. Combine that with it being a brand new product and people here asking for someone to check them out, I ordered a set from the guy selling them on ebay. 120 after shipping.

I'll have impressions and maybe pictures in a week maybe. I'm not well versed in all the terminology used in some of the more legit reviews on this forum but I'll do what i can.

*note, biking with headphones is very dangerous. Only do it if you are someone who has used a bike often (daily) and with the utmost care and only with open headphones at a volume that allows you to take in outside noise.
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I have just bought the ES55 as well, from Ebay. Will post some pics and thoughts (but I am not an expert..) when they get here!
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I just bought a pair of these from AC... and then I discovered this forum. Doh! I'm not too fussed though as I paid €109 incl shipping from Japan and they should arrive in Ireland within 10 days.

The design is just what I'm looking for. I've had a pair of PX-200's for about 4 years and they're still working as well as when I first bought them. I've gotten tired of the sennheiser look though, so figured I'd give Audio-Technica a go.

Looking forward to see what others think. Will get back to you when mine arrive.
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Anybody got these already? Maybe some impressions and live pictures? As far as I know these doesn't have "mirror" effect like ES7, am I right?
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I've there is a loss of SQ, not worth it IMO.
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120 bucks O_O.

i think i like the ES7 more
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I would love to hear more about the ES55 as well, especially how it compared to the ES5 and the PX200...
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Sorry for the delay getting back! My phones arrived on 24th December.

I have to say they look really great. As I stated, I previously wore PX200's and find the detail on the ES55's to be far superior. It actually picks up too much detail so to get the most out of them I will be saving up for a decent portable headphone amp. ie. not IBasso or other inferior amps. I'd love a Lisa III by triad audio but they're very pricey.

I use an iRiver H120 and like deep bass. These phones handle the punchy bass of this player very well in my opinion. I also use Rockbox and listen to a lot of Sigur Rós and have found that these phones really pick up the hiss from the recording which I didn't notice on my PX200's. The Jazz setting in Equalizer Presets seems to remedy this a good bit though. I listen to a good bit of RATM and Battles too and found the overall sound to be exceptional... Tim Commerford's juicy basslines and John Stanier's immaculate drumming stood out extremely well. Lovely stuff!!

I haven't taken any pics yet, but I will upload some snaps soon.

As you can tell, I'm not much of a headphone expert so I can't go into too much detail, but I am very pleased with these... so pleased that I gave my old phones to my girlfriend for keeps.
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Glad to finally read some impressions of these 'phones. Can't wait to see your pics! Keep in mind, though, that detail and sensitivity are two different things...headphones can be sensitive (revealing the hiss of your source) without being detailed (revealing the intricacies of the music), and vice versa. The H120's headphone out is especially hissy, so many low-impedance, high-sensitivity headphones (e.g. most IEMs) will bring that out.
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ive been looking all over the internet for some reviews or live pics of the es55, but haven't been able to find any. does anyone who has some es55 tell us how they sound? I want to know how they compare to the es7. Ive heard the es7 is spectacular, but i am looking for the es55's smaller form factor. the only thing is that they are much more expensive..

anyone with impressions on the es55?
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yeah, same, I was wondering if anyone has had the chance to compare the es55 and the es7. Was checking out the es7 when I came across the es55 here. Not many reviews on the net either.

I prefer the sharper edges on the headband as well as how the band connects straight down to the earpad. The es7 headband connects to a circular thing (which I assume, is the mechanism that allows the earpads to swivel?) haha, thing is though, I'm wondering how the two compare in terms of SQ.

Thanks to anyone who replies!
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I just bought a pair of E55's. I compared them to AKG k450. Very different sounding phones! I preferred the E55's. More spacious than the AKG's and a touch more detail. The AKG had quite a warm sound and slightly better isolation.

The guy in the shop let me listen to each pair for about 30 mins through my Nokia N79. Both worked great with this. On getting them home, I hooked up the E55's to my ipod with lossless files. Very nice improvement. Nice bass - well balanced sound. Went for a walk around the neighbourhood listening to A Guy Called Gerald - Black Secret Technology. Brought a nice big smile to my face!

Great portable phones. Comfortable, good isolation. They also look good on - in other words, you won't look like completely stupid in public. Need to try them with an amp to see what they can really do.
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