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HD580 and I need help

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Hello everyone, I am new to here: First of all, recently I just bought a pair of Sony MDR700DJ because ppl says it has really tight bass(I mainly listen to trance and altanative) and it looks really cool. I resell it on ebay the day i received it, because it hurts my ears like hell(after about half hour). So, i bought a pair of HD580. well, yeah, i look over the thread and see similar post about listening to techno with HD580. But, I am so new to audio&headphones stuff, I can't quite figure out what you guys are talking about. For example, i have to keep looking up word at ebay to see what they are and what they look like. So, i kinda need straight answer here and i need you guy's help. Which amp/HD580 produce the best trance? I didn't see any Total AirHead threads, so i assume it's not so good? I mainly listen to music with my computer and a JVC shlef-system which has a headphone jack. So, here is my question again, which amp will work best for me? Thx
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and how does Creek OBH-8 sound? thx
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With just a Total Airhead, I doubt you'll be satisfied with the 580 listening to trance. The 580 have *great* bass -- but they need *very* good amplification to get it. Without that amplification, the bass will sound muddy, and won't go as deep.

In addition, the 580 generally don't sound very good out of poor sources (a computer soundcard and JVC minisystem qualify as "poor" sources).

For your uses I would recommend a headphone like the Sony MDR-V6 or the Beyer DT250-80. Both offer great bass and great overall sound, and can sound good from a computer soundcard or minisystem. The V6 will be a bit "dryer" or more "analytical" -- you may like them or you may not. They Beyer would probably sound a bit more musical, and would probably make you a very happy camper
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I have the HD580 and I enjoy the music from my laptop.
Actually, it's the only source I have now.
And at times, MP3 sounds quite well, and it's free.
I've found some people "over spend" their money and end up selling their stuff here.
So if you can enjoy your music now, maybe you want to wait a while to see if you relly need an AMP.
Anyway, I'm on my way to get my AMP.
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thx guys, I think I will stick with HD580 for now, because sooner or later, i will get better equipment, then I will have to upgrade my headphones again, so I will just do it once. And, if I really want to get an amp, which one will be both performance and economically good?
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blind man talking

Originally posted by vikingnaya
if I really want to get an amp, which one will be both performance and economically good?
Since I've been looking at the same thing, I'll post what my inexperienced self has come to conclude.

Many people recommended the Melos SHA-1. It goes for $400-$600 used. Caveats are that Melos is out of business and the newer SHA-1s are not as well made as the older ones are. I'm looking for a SHA-1 that's around four years old and around $500. Restoration/repair can be handled by MELOS AUDIO Restoration

If I can't find a Melos SHA-1 I think I would go with the Antique Sound Lab's MG Head DT. This seems to be a good match for the 580s, is well regarded, and is cheaper than the SHA-1: around $300 new.

My other choice was the EARMAX but that's more expensive than either of the above (~$600). It _looks_ sweet and would be fun to show off Audio Advancements I don't understand why people recommend the EARMAX Pro over the EARMAX for the 580s though... I know it's a little better but I thought it was introduced to suit low impedance headphones like the Grados.

Some people warned against matching the Creek OBH 11 to the 580s although others seem to like the amp in general. I decided to eliminate it from consideration. It's about $200 new.

Granted, I haven't actually _heard_ any of these amps. So take anything I say with a grain of salt
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I think I will go with MG Head...when I have enough money
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well, I've found a dealer for both the Earmax and OBH-11SE. They have it Earmax for $519 and the Creek for $279 with very reasonable shipping cost. I think it was $9.95 for the Creek through usps 2 days. My experience with them was fantastic. Anyway, you should contact Suzanne at
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Originally posted by vikingnaya
and how does Creek OBH-8 sound? thx
The Creek OBH-8 is a vinyl preamp. Make another thread if you want opinions of it
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yup, i figure that out. i first thought all Creek OBH model are headphones amp.(I know I am dumb). I find 1 Creek OBH-8 auction on ebay, and without verifying, I asked a very dumbed and irrelevant question. sorry
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errr, one more question: Where can I buy MG HEAD DT ? I can't find it online. Do I have to go to a local dealer?
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Hey, it's ok that you made a mistake. It's overwhelming at first.

www.headphone.com has MG Heads.

www.audiogon.com has Melos SHA-1s... not that I'm hinting at anything...
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