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Best IEMs for all genres of music

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I'm looking to buy some IEMs. They will be used for all types of music, from country to classic rock to jazz to rap to indie, etc. Anything other than music such as Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, etc.

I was looking at UM2s, Super.fi 5 pro, and Triple.fi Pro. But if you know of any others that are better for most genres, let me know. I also want the best comfort.

I will most likely not be buying any until April or so, so if there are any new ones you know about that are coming out, that's fine too. I'm looking to spend around $350 or less, and will probably be using a Zune 120.

Thanks for any suggestions. I know I'm probably asking a lot, so if you have any questions, I'll answer them!
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As far as I'm concerned you already hit the bulls eye with the UM2 and Triple fi-10s. One other you might also consider is the Sleek-Audio SA6. It's an absolutely outstanding canalphone that has amazed quite a number of Head Fi'ers.
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You may also want to take a gander at the Shure SE530s,
I use them with jazz, metal, rap, techno, feel-good, and long beach styley music.
They sound great with all,
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For a wide range of music and also a very sweet price/performance ratio i would recommend the Shure Se310's.
It took me god knows how long to find a perfect iem for me,tried near enough every one going and when i had just about given up,these beautiful things turned up,and ive never looked back.
Of course we can all give you advice but when it comes to iem's it really is a hard subject to get right.
If you can try a few pairs out then really that's the best advice.
I'm still gonna recommend the 310's but try some different ones if you can.
Hope you find your perfect iem as i have.....and hopefully without spending a fortune...as i did lol!
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i am consistently blown away by how good the triple's sound with my zune80.

you get a good seal and the bass is sublime - yet for classical the clarity is superb. from my breakbeats to my trip hop to rock to classical - i am in aural heaven.
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Another vote for the SE530. This is simply a wonderful IEM for all music genres. I find it performs well for classic rock, contemporary Christian, jazz, classical, new age, world, latin, the blues and others. I'm not familiar with the IEMs you mentioned but the Shures are not likely to disappoint you.
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Id choose Triples or SE530, based on comfort I think the edge goes to the SE530 just from reading. The SE530 are the most comfortable IEMs for me to date.
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I agree about the SE530 but, unfortunately, the OP wants to spend no more than $350 or less. If the SE530 can be found for maybe $250 to $300 they should be considered. Otherwise the UM2 are actually a better alternative at $300.
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530's are at $350 from authrized dealers though. maybe um2 are the best deal, i dont know really. Soundstream audio (front page sponser) makes you call but they were 349 when I did call.
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These are authorized dealers and among the best for customer service and satisfaction and Head -Fi sponsors and their price on the SE530s is sure to be the least expensive for an authorized dealer:

Shure SE530 Earphones
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I guess I should ask "What is the best IEMs for the best price?"
Price isn't a huge concern, as long as it isn't reallly expensive (over $500)

$350 is just an ideal price.

Are the SE530s that much better for an extra $100 or so?
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I find the UM2 to be better. I have the SE530, the Triple fi-10, the UM2 and quite a few others and out of all of them I find the sound quality of the UM2 to be the best. They have outstanding mid range, precise and accurate bass with good extension, very high sonic resolution, crisp, clear, clean soundstage and great detail.

If you are coming from something very bright in treble like the Etymotics, HKs and ALs, these UM2 will seem dull and lacking in treble. But that's because the ears have gone underground trying to escape the intensity of the brightness of those others...so to speak..lol.

For the price, there really isn't anything better which gives a well rounded and full sound as the UM2 do. Their midrange is what knocks me out. The drum beat of an intense drum session is powerful and very dynamic.
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You shouldn't need to pay more than $350 for the SE530s. You can get them from authorised dealers for that.
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IMO, in order for a pair of headphones to be good for every genre, the headphones must be balanced/have a relatively (perceived) flat response, aiming for a "live", as-if-you-were-right-there sound. Such headphones would be the Etymotic ER-4S and the UE triple.fi 10 pro.
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If you're not buying until April, then best to do is just hang around here until then and read read read in the meantime. April is a long way away, and some IEM manufacturers may be releasing yet unannounced products (Westone has the highly anticipated westone3's coming this year, for instance). Prices may also change dramatically.
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