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I didn't see any feedback for him so I thought I would start one.

I bought a Yaqin tube buffer off him and it arrived very promptly. He was quick to respond to questions and was very diligent in pointing out even very minor cosmetic blemishes. Packing was very aqequate. Overall transaction went very smoothly and I would buy from him again.
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Great seller! I bought an Entech Number Crucher 205.2 DAC from him, and he was thorough in his description, prompt and courteous in his communication, and very quick with his shipping.

Wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy from him again.
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Shike purchased a Mini^3 amp from me, everything went smoothly and it was a pleasure dealing with him. Great guy to do business with!

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Bought a video card from me. Fast payment, good communication. Great transaction. Thanks!
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Bought the JVC 5.1 adapter from me. He was a pleasure to deal with.

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Andrew had me do a repair on his mini3. Great communication, and he almost paid me before I asked A pleasure to deal with.
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bought a pair of k601, great guy, great transaction

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