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Removing TakeT H2's overwhelming bass, great sounding

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Well, Mr. Takei's design for TakeT's hyle driver isn't wrong from specifications. I don't think he's dumb enough to make such hilarious drivers like these for headphone listening and forget to check FR from design. The reason why TakeT has such poor sound with overwhelming bass is the poor copper conductors inside stock cable and thick pad that compresses bass response and blend it with mid making it far worse.

To drive off TakeT H2's overwhelming bass, you need:
-Apuresound V3 cable (I already ordered the world's first TakeT H2 cable so it shouldn't be problem asking him to make another one for you, also better sound like k1000 and such too)
-Thin pad (for tighter bass control and better staging)
-Mat from Takei site (You probably don't need this but just in case it's still overwhelming for you while I don't)

Let's start the work:
1. PM Alex and ask him to make TakeT H2 cable and wait for about one month to get it in hands. You may wonder why not trying mat stuff from Takei site first, right? The truth is, I tried and it just partially solve it in poor sound quality manner and you will end up stop using/selling it.
2. Alright, you get cables now, what to do next? What? You can't find anyone who's capable of soldering skills at all to do this task? Cmon, man. Just find any electric repair shop and send him these (TakeT H2, good lead like WBT, Wonder or whatever, TakeT H2 recabling manual which can get from Takei himself, Apuresound cable). It should be done in an hour or two so you can sit back and relax while waiting for newborn baby.
3. Alright, you get recabled TakeT H2 now. Let's head back and try to test it.
4. Whoa....Sound a lot more incredibly improved. No more bassy sound like and mid is greatly improved with clarity and sharpness of highs.
5. If you feel bass is still overwhleming, giving time for burnin first and bass should be controlled in good tonal balance. 6. If you still feel like bass is overwhleming, try Takei's mat and that's it
7. You still aren't satisfied? Time to change your equipments!

Hope this helps all TakeT H2 users (If there is any lol)
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So your H2 now has the Apuresound V3 cable on it? Were I to put a different cable on it ( and the stock cable is crap, very crap ) I'd have gone for a Stax cable.
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I have less of a problem with the bass and more of a problem with a recessed midrange and peaky highs. The highs can be adjusted with positioning the headphones on your head. The tweeter is a planar and fires in a ray, and that makes tweeter positioning over the ear very important to altering the frequency response. However, not much will bring the midrange out.

Other than the FR irregularities, the TakeT is pretty mesmerizing. It has a combination of traits that's virtually impossible to find in a headphone - lightning speed, hammering impact, and a massive, wide-open soundstage.

If only they a) released the headphone with a direct-drive amp instead of a transformer that's 1/4th the size of what it should be, b) included some tone controls, since this is, after all, a two-way headphone (or just balanced them outright... hey, there's a novel idea!), and c) spent some more time in development to finalize the issues.
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WindowsX, putting aside the thin pad and bass mat, how much of a difference would you say the re-cable made alone?

The bass mat is totally the wrong way of going about reducing the bass IMO. I used strips of felt inside the driver along the sides (back and front), within each of the wafers, and this was able to reduce the bass significantly and in a very high quality manner. Ofcourse this is harder to accomplish than bass mats because you need to open the enclosure and remove the driver cradle to get at the rear. Not exactly user-friendly. In the end I removed it, though, because I prefer the bass unmodded (shock, horror).

Catscratch, I certainly don't have any recessed midrange or peaky highs. Actually I'd go so far as to say they have the best mids and highs I've ever heard in a headphone. However, if worn in the "wrong" position I can see how it would be possible to get the effect you're hearing.

The tweeter and the woofer both change FR as you go higher or lower along their vertical length. The woofer handles bass at the bottom, and mids near the middle and top. The tweeter handles lower highs at the bottom (around 10-12Khz), gradually moving up to ultrasonic frequencies near the middle and top.

If you want to increase mids and reduce highs, you would wear the earspeakers so that the center of your ear is at or slightly above vertical middle. Depending on the size of your head this may or may not be possible using the stock headband/wire. You could try using some fabric along the top bar for padding and elevation.
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TakeT+Apuresound cable = better bass control, improved mid, more highs and cleaner sound = O2 wise listening (and stock cables suck, hella suck so bad ass compared to k1000's stock ones)

P.S. I changed pads back to thick ones because burning cables have better bass control over time.
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Darn, the lust after H2 woke up again. We'll see how this ends. I hope they figured something for amplification soon...
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Bass of TakeT+Apuresound cable better than bass of Audeze LCD-3?

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