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Originally Posted by Soundinista View Post
The RPX33 is more extended in the highs than the NX-03. And the D7000 is as extended in the highs as they come; very “refined” highs, to be sure, but extended, merciless. Unlike the DX1000, the D7000 doesn’t sugarcoat anything up top. If the recording is perfect, there will be nothing to complain about. Otherwise… So, if you like a little sugarcoating in the highs (I do), just a bit of “insurance” against treble-fatigue, you may prefer the NX-03 for the D7000. But that choice will come at a price. The RPX33 is consistently more three-dimensional than my other amps, with a somewhat wider soundstage.
Does anyone else think the RPX33 can have treble fatigue with some headphones?
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anybody still enjoying their rudistor?  rudistor users have been quiet for a while, i think

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Have my RPX33 for couple of years now, still very happy. No fatique problem.

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I still use my RPX-33-mk2 every day both as a headphone amp and a preamp for my Emotiva RPA-1 -> Onix Strata Mini's. I love the music out of this darned thing.

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glad to know people still like rudistor.  i had a chance to listen to two of them and really really like it. you know how much i like it?  i ordered onetongue_smile.gif  and now i'm waiting

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I enjoy mine immensely. I own both the Mk2 and the EV-08. Neither have any hint of brightness but rather the most pleasant high end of all my amps with the least amount of listening fatigue while still being exquisitely detailed.

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