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Something which has been bugging me is that both the adaptors and LME49720HA have long pins in the bottom (which have to plugged in the opamp sockets). Do i need to shorten them down or something?

Thanks for the replies
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No, the adapters sit flush against the socket.
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Curious if anyone has had issues with the Halo (XT) not being able to provide enough juice for their cans? I am using the D5k's and if I don't use my external amp (millet max) the overall volume and power is just underwhelming. Is it relatively safe to try the High setting with 25 Ohm headphones? The quality of the sound is quite good although a bid harsh on the highs but I still have the stock opamps.

What you guys think? I do have a couple different op amps in the way to try our but that won't fix the power issue.
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I think they say do not use high gain with headphones under 32 ohm but it's probably safe.
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a couple of questions about the halo

I am no audiophile, but enjoy listening to high quality music and audio in general. I am thinking about buying the Halo but am unsure about a couple of things. First off, does the front audio use AC97 of HDA. The HT Omega site says that it is AC97 which is surprising considering the price of the card. For use with UM3xs, how does AC97 compared to HDA. I think for 2 channel, AC97 is still greater than CD quality, no?

The second question pertains the the optical input. I have a T260HD and would like to be able to use either 2.1 speakers or my headphones to listen to it as the speakers on the monitor are crap. The 3.5mm out of it has a lot of noise/static so it is also out of the picture. Would I be able to forward the sound from the monitor to either my speakers or headphones using optical out of the monitor and into the sound card.

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Not sure about HDA vs ac97, what's the difference anyway?

The volume will be automatically set to 100% if you put optical into your sound card which can lead to you blowing out your headphones. In other words, DON'T DO IT. When I asked them they said they never got the licensing to make that function or something like that.
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so the optical in is basically useless? How does this card compare to the ASUS Xonar Essence ST. The major reason I didn't want that card was due to the lack of optical input. However, if it doesnt work well on this card then it may be a better choice as it definitely supports HDA front panel.

AC'97 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Intel High Definition Audio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Basically HDA supports higher sampling rates and quality.
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op amp

i just got the halo soundcard and I'm really interested in putting new op amps in it, but I just don't know where to start. I am thinking about getting the OPA2132P because that's what ht omega recommends but is there any other one i should try out? is there any type of guide for selecting op amps?

can any one get free samples from ti?
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There is a opamp thread in the DIY section. I would ask around there for suggestions.
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Hey, guys, I've had my Halo for a good while now, and I just got my K702 2 weeks back. I have about 150hours of burn in.

My question is that which switcher position is the one to activate the amplifier on the card? I tried switching them around, but I hear no difference. I am very confused, and some songs sound underpowered.

Can someone have an actual picture of the card in the right configuration, and possibly explain to me why I don't hear a difference.

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Do you have the manual or can you download it?
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I have the menu, but it's schematics, which doesn't give me the over picture, it just shows the 2 different positions.

The biggest issue is that I don't hear any difference between the 2 settings. And I feel like some songs are underpowered
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I'm pretty sure the there is 2 jumpers for the impedance setting and the are located right by the headphone jack. the jumpers should say j14 and j15
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I definitely changed the wrong ones, I changed the ones on the right of the oxygen chip

So it was in the position shown in the pic,
now i changed it so both are up.
I don't hear any changes still


burn-in required?
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I just got the Claro Halo. I've only ever tried it on the high impedance setting, but I'm getting plenty of volume. Even with the HD650s (300 ohms), I can't listen to most music past 75% or 80% without things getting painfull in a hury.

I find it curious to hear reports of this card being undervolumed. I'm comming from an X-FI, which, though loud enough to drive the HD650s, did not have as much volume as the Claro Halo.
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