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FS: JVC FS-MD9000 CD/MD system

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In my opinion, this is the best MiniDisc/CD minisystem ever. It has a CD player, MD recorder, and a good AM/FM tuner. It also has clock, alarm, and sleep functions, tone controls, and a bass enhancement feature that actually works quite well.

The original MSRP was $770, and it shows. It's got a great feature set, great sound, and awesome glossy piano black speakers with silver drivers (The picture above doesn't do the speakers justice.)

The sound is very good for a minisystem, with bass response that is quite surprising.

The main unit provides:
- optical-out
- line-out (l/r RCA)
- line-in (l/r RCA)
- subwoofer-out (RCA)
- separate AM and FM antennae jacks

This system is GREAT for recording and editing MDs. To record an entire CD, you simply put in a CD and a blank MD, and press a single button. If you want to record single tracks, there are few systems this convenient: start playing a track and then press the record button -- the system automatically cues the beginning of the song, records it, and then stops recording at the end of the song. (You can also program both the CD player and the MD player.)

The CD transport is very good, and you can use the optical-out to go directly to an external DAC, soundcard, or external MD deck/recorder.

This is also a great system for headphone listening, as the line-out jacks let you use an external headphone amp to listen

Some more info from JVC:

The owner's manual (PDF format):

The system is in great condition, and comes in the original box with all manuals, remote, etc. It's currently selling for $400 if you can find it. Asking $300.

If interested, please email me @

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This really is a killer system. When I lived in Japan, a friend had this system, and it was amazing. Beautiful to behold, great sounding, and so easy to use. It easily outperformed similar Denon MD/CD units (very similar to those sold here in the states - M-30, or somesuch)

MacDef, if only I had the funds to spare....

This is a great system for a good price.
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Thanks, nanahachi. It really is a great system, but since I'm getting rid of my MD stuff, I don't have any use for it anymore Whoever gets it will be very happy
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If anyone is still interested, I still have this. If you previously emailed me about it and didn't hear back from me, sorry -- my email was having problems and then I was away from Head-Fi for awhile!
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Someone's gotta want this It really is awesome!
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Hrmmm, optical out, eh? Too bad I already have two Sharp Systems, this system is really nice Mac, I hope some minidisc freak will find interest in it.

(Perhaps posting this over on the T-Board?)
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Not a big fan of bumping, but this is buried
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I have one of these babies, i really like it a LOT. Though i got it second handed, so i dont know any spec-s of it. I have on simple question: is the subwoofer output active or passive? In other words do i need a preamp for the sub? I dont have one atm but i want to get one for it. Is there some specific subwoofer for this or any kind will do it?

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