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When I saw the title I thought it was for the moleskin product to be used on the feet. I am going back 20-25 years to my days hiking in TN and GA, specially when breaking in new boots.

Moleskin Pad - only $3.95 at!
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Since going to university two years ago, I've started using Moleskines for note taking. The paper is far from perfect, but the durable yet slim outer cover more than makes up for it. I find them absolutely delightful.

Here's my small stack of Moleskines:

If it's better paper I'm looking for, I turn to my Rhodia and Clairefontaine:

The Clairefontaine A4 pad has the nicest paper with the Rhodia A4 coming in a close second. The two Clairefontaine notebooks unfortunately don't use the same paper as the Clairefontaine A4 pad. I purchased them as possible alternatives to the Moleskine notebooks. The paper is much higher quality, but the build and design are much less so. The Moleskine notebooks stay open, but the Clairefontaine notebooks don't I've heard that Rhodia has a Moleskine-like notebook, but word has it that the design is not as good either.

My search for a Moleskine-like notebook (stays open/closed, sleek hardback cover, durable binding, etc...) with better paper quality continues... Until I find this "perfect notebook", I will continue to buy more Moleskines.
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About the notebooks in your picture...

The small ones on top look like 5.25 x 8.25 classic, is that right?

And which ones are on the bottom? They look like an 8.5 x 11 or bigger. I can't find those for sale.
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The large ones are these - Large Ruled Notebooks
Moleskine Large A5 Notebook £12.50: MojoLondon
13 x 21cm; 5.25 x 8.25in; approx A5 size

The small ones are these - Ruled Pocket Notebooks
MojoLondon: Moleskine Ruled Reporter Pocket Notebook
9 x 14cm; approx A6 size

The softcover Moleskines come in even larger sizes.
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When I started at my job 1 1/2 years ago, they gave me a moleskine notebook for note-taking during training. I still have the notebook and I've only used about 10 pages of it. I still prefer cheap spiral bound notebooks because if I lose them, I don't really care and I can get another one absolutely anywhere. Can't deny that the build quality of the moleskines is great though.
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Yay, my new Lamy Safari writes fine (no pun intended) on the Moleskine! Leftie too!
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One good alternative to the more expensive Moleskine is the Miquerius Leather-Look Flexible Notebook. I have one, though I haven't used one in a while, but it has better paper and will take fountain pen ink. I have a Bible-thick 300 page A5-size with a black cover.
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The Miquelrius look good, but I really need something with a stiff, rigid cover. I use my notebooks pretty much on a daily basis and need something which can withstand a bit of rough handling for months to come.
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I think Moleskines hit a nice sweet spot. Not the best paper, not the most durable covers, a little pricey, but when you put together the various features (decent cover, decent paper, lies flat, pocket, elastic that can act as a bookmark, good size, etc.), they end up being worth the money.

I don't have a problem using fine nib fountain pens with Moleskines, except with some inks that feather, but I generally dislike inks prone to feathering anyway....
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Yea, I think the hardness of the cover really is a dealmaker. I have no problems with my Lamy Safari (Fine nib) yet. No complaints from this leftie on smudges and such.
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my university bookstore (university of washington) has the large hard cover notebooks on clearance at the beginning of every quarter. half price. i usually just buy one, then use it up and have to buy another at full price, but not this quarter. i bought four "sketch books" and four "ruled". if you look on ebay every once in a while a good deal pops up. and my local craigslist has something every so often.

i carry a "plain" pocket with me everywhere i go (back pocket) and take notes in it all the time with either a caran d'ache 825 ballpoint, lamy safari (using lamy blue ink), or a pentel p205 mechanical pencil with HB leads.

i use the large ones for sketching and class notes (plain/sketch and ruled respectively). i find it hard to find plain paged notebooks that aren't too thick and wont flap open in my bag and get mauled by the other stuff in there.
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anyone know where i can get a couple of moleskine notebooks for cheap? i mean cheaper than most places. gotta be a cheaper place online right?

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its pretty tough man. like i just said (a year ago) craigslist is probably the best bet. ebay could turn something up, too, though. its hard to find them for anything but the standard price at any stores that are chains. alot of small bookstores and museum gift shops sell them, but they cant afford to cut the prices on them.
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Originally Posted by ZepFloyd View Post
anyone know where i can get a couple of moleskine notebooks for cheap? i mean cheaper than most places. gotta be a cheaper place online right?

They're $9.60 each on From what I heard about their quality, I think that's a fair price...maybe $7-$8 would have been better though.
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what are peoples thoughts about hard covers and soft covers? i'm thinking about picking up soft covers, maybe 1 or 2 hard backs, prob a little more durable?
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