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Can anyone else confirm that the UE custom cables fit the Triple Fi? Why would UE say that they don't fit?
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When I was walking home today, I figured out the microphonics was coming from the top part of the cable(above the Y splitter) rubbing against my clothes. The lower end isn't producing any at all. Even though I can solve it by clamping the y splitter against my clothes, but it's quite troublesome . Unless I am carrying a Backpack, so I can clamp it against the straps.

I took an adventurous move later at home, even Ken offered to do it for me, I am just too lazy to send it back .
After carefull prying, I stripped off the clear sleeving from the Y splitter up to the lower end of the memory wires. This makes the cable looks thinner of course. But most importantly, the microphonics are vastly gone!

I have emailed the feedback to Ken, hopefully they will take my advice and further improve it. If you are ordering from them, take my word, it is absolutely necessary should you demand not to sleeve the upper part of your cable .

Beside this, this is an absolute excellent sounding cable, I am very well enjoying mine and can't live without it atm!! Good work Ken!
I think I will order another if they ever come up with a black version.

Originally Posted by Nosgis View Post
Great review AudioJUNK! It's going to be tough waiting for the APureSound cable after reading your impressions.

But the microphonics issue does not sound good.
I was looking forward to it too, but I doubt aps will come up with anything less than $150 or even $200, that would be a big dent to my pocket to be honest. I wouldn't really want to pay for a cable tat cost nearly 2/3 of my IEM!! I was tempted to get the ES2 cable too, but certainly can't see the necessity anymore now

Originally Posted by Lil' Knight View Post
Is that cable a solid core one? It does look like so.
After a closer inspection, it's stranded wire.
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So, whats the verdict? UE Custom cable, Westone cable or the cable from China !?
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thinking of getting new ones too, i love my ue5eb but that semi-rigid cable is driving me crazy.
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How long do orders from null-audio take?
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Originally Posted by Budrow View Post
How long do orders from null-audio take?
mine took 2 weeks, and 2 day shipping as I stay in SG too

Btw ken got back saying he is revising his design. guess it's rite to listen to customers
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Another strong recommendation for the Westone cable with shortened pins. I can only compare it to the original Triple-Fi cable. The improvement is from a 2 out of 10 for cable desireability to a 9. (I only deduct 1 bacause the white Westone cable doesn't stay perfectly white.)

The UE cable was stiff and bent like an accordian. Not only did it bounce around when I walked but I was never comfortable putting my PAD on a table while listening. The accordioned cable was taut and begging to catch on something and cause problems. With the Westone cable, it's soft and supple like silk. It just hangs there while walking - perfectly comfortable. On a table, it's already a bit longer than the UE cable but since it hangs slack, it's pretty well twice the length. No concerns kicking back and listening. (Got mine from Jabben).

Edit: I have had zero issues with microphonics but admittedly I don't run with my Triple=Fi's... It is not obvious to me that there was any change in SQ - but once I switched I never switched back so A/B'ing was limited.
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oooooh crap! i ordered a pair from ken and i was supposed to send them back like four weeks ago but i forget all about it until now! thanks for the reminder

anyways yes, the ue stock cables are very crappy and the cables from null audio sounded great and looked even better (my dirty ugly clear stock ue cables are gross).

I would definitely suggest the null audio although it is fairly new and there are a lot of small issues.
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I recieved the null-audio silver cable this week. I am about 90% happy with it after listening for 3 days. I think it adds alot soundwise...highs seem a little crisper, bass a little better/tighter and soundstage seems much bigger. Also it is a sweet looking cable especially with the switchcraft angle plug. My only complaint would be how stiff the cable is. I find it impossible to bend the wires near the earpieces for the flip flop mod, I can ..just find it too uncomfortable after a little while.. so I've been using them normal. I wear my ipod on my belt and the wire is so stiff...it just doesn't relax like the stock cable if you sit down etc. I am not regretting the purchase by any stretch..just thinking of stripping the outer wire as a few other people have stated. (although I am nervous of cutting too deep) Seems like it would be perfect like the westone cable if the outer plastic was not there. Also...seems like the pins should be a little shorter as they are seen a little where the cable meets the phones.
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I think you can use a hairdryer to heat the earloop up, then you can bend and hold it and apply the flip mod. It is what I am told, nv exercised it though.

yeah, be careful when you cut. it took me 20mins to completely strip it off.

Actually I found the cable is flexible enough for me as I keep my rig inside my bag.
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Originally Posted by AudioJUNK View Post
I saw the price kicked up by S$20
lol, the builder must have been flooded with orders...
Headphone/IEM Cable

Luckily I grabbed one before that and loving it.
Mine is slightly different from the one listed though, I got a pair of plastic plugs molded into a rectangular shape instead of round.... Extra clear sleeving also, I guess it increased the stiffness but nevertheless still softer than my stock TF10 cable.
I got one as well at the old price. It's taking a while to come though. Hope it arrives soon.
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Mine is on the way should be arriving any day now
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How do you keep the ES cable on?

Quick question. Started on another thread but no one replied I kept breaking my IEMs because I glue it to the connector, and when I don't, they keep falling off. Any suggestion??
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Originally Posted by lisztian420 View Post
Quick question. Started on another thread but no one replied I kept breaking my IEMs because I glue it to the connector, and when I don't, they keep falling off. Any suggestion??
Thread crapping?

You use glue? How many IEMs have you broken? Inquiring minds want to know.

The Westone ES connector on the Triple-Fi is such a tight fit that it is very difficult to remove the cable. It certainly isn't falling off.

Have you shortened the pins so that the connector fully fits in? That is mostly for cosmetics but it might help. (Buying an already modded cable is recommended. Might cost you $50 or even less..)

(Thread crapping?)
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i couldnt take these triple.fi cables anymore - i ordered the customs
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