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Originally Posted by winkyeye View Post
has anyone ever tried these?

LLL UE ULTIMATE EARS HEADPHONE UPGRADE CABLE fi 10Pro - eBay (item 220577200693 end time Apr-21-10 19:48:00 PDT)

I recently got a pair of triple fi's but the plug is falling apart already. I'm trying to decide between the ES cables and these.
I have been sifting through the UE upgrade pages, as I recently acquired a pair of TF10's and I have to say, the thought of brass cables on anything is SCARY. I suppose the cable builder could *theoretically* carefully blend his/her own brass to try and color the electric path for more interesting listening, but that would be VERY user specific (and require a smelter...). Generally we want to create an uncolored path from lineout to driver so the player and the cans are the only ones affecting sound.

That said, it might sound f'ing fantastic and I am a close-minded sheep unwilling to get innovative. I say, if you have the money, give it a go and let us know what brass does to the sound sig.

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As far as I can see, the Enyo Cable is the best for mobility (SQ and microphonics) and the Lune Cable is best for at home (best SQ). If it was possible to reduce or remove microphonics on the Lune Cable it would be perfect!


So, is there any way to get rid of microphonics with the Lune Cable?


Would this work:



Post 32


Any other method?

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Guys, do all the replacement cables have the prong looking things stick out? That kinda sucks. I might just end up buying the stock ones due to them looking a lot cleaner. (and cheaper, even if I have to keep replacing...) :(

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Originally Posted by cswann1 View Post

Originally Posted by Dublo7 View Post
I'm just bumping this thread to ask if this Elite Series cable will work with the Triple Fi 10's?
Elite Series Monitor Replacement Cables | Westone
Yes, I bought one for my TF10's. It's a really nice cable and makes the stock UE cable feel like cheap junk.


What are your thoughts on it?


How are the microphonics?


I'm about to get new TF10's and am interested in a better cable.


If the Westones have little Microphonics and sound better, I don't see any reason why I shouldn't get them.


Only reason I care about them is because I will workout with the TF10's.

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Originally Posted by airstream66 View Post

I hate to say this but I'm liking the TF10s with Lune on my rig better than same rig with the Senn 650s, at least for some rock tracks but also for other genres. To me the 650s are not always as engaging with this rig and vocals don't seem to have enough heft and so sometimes have some brashness by comparison to the TF10s. Obviously the 650s are better in some areas. Electric guitars can sometimes sound separated enough from the mix that they are harsher than with the TF10s. There is just a more pleasing and less fatiguing sound coming out of the TF10s as compared to the 650s on quite a few tracks. The 650s are great though so that should tell you what I'm thinking of the TF10s. Maybe the TF10s are more colored in that the piano and guitars can sound so sultry / luscious and maybe overly so?

Have you treat your 650 with the same shiny silvers as the TF10? I'd say the silvered HD650 is such a more fun can than it used to be.  

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I've read somewhere that the more recent builds of the TF10 are incompatible with the westone custom cables.


Is there any truth behind the statement?

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The TF10 was always incompatible with the westone cables. The pins are 0.05 mm thicker and slightly longer, which means it requires trimming before use. Also, if you constantly take out and replace the thicker westone cables from a TF10, the loosening of the pins will occur quicker compared to something that was specifically pinned for the TF10. However this have not stopped people from using the  more soft and comfortable cables, and most people never change back to the stock cables after starting on the westone cables

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