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DIY IcePower 200w class D amp kit

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In evaluating my time and needs, I have decided that I'm never going to get around to building these icepower amps, or certainly no time soon.

I have a pair of B&O IcePower 200ASC modules, with all needed board connectors, wiring, power switch, rca jacks, binding posts, xlr connectors, etc. All you need to do is add a case or pair of cases to have world class amps. These are 100w at 8ohm, 200w at 4ohm, and are VERY well regarded. Amps using these modules with very little in the way of additional hardware sell for $1500+. The pair of modules is selling on ebay right now for $350. These amp modules are from the same supplier, and are as received from them.

B&O ICEpower 200ASC Module 200W Power Amplifier - 2PCS - eBay (item 280255601323 end time Oct-10-08 23:44:33 PDT)

I'll sell a pair of modules, with everything you need to build them out except the case for $325 shipped in the US, or for $375 I'll include a decent chassis I was going to use that I paid $70 for.

You get:

2 B&O 200ASC modules
2 power switches
2 IEC inlets
2 RCA jacks
2 XLR jacks
2 green LEDs
2 red LEDs
2 pairs of binding posts
~18 ft of hookup wire
~10 ft of power wire
all needed board connectors so you don't have to solder anything on the B&O modules
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Putting this together is just a little casework and some simple soldering.
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