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Favourite iPhone/iTouch apps?

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Just got me an iPhone. What are your favourite/must-have apps?

I already know I'm getting Omnifocus and that app which can identify songs (so cool).
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Twinkle, BookShelf, Pandora and Guitar Toolkit

See ya
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My brother has a spirit level app (think it's called "dual level") which is pretty ultimately awesome. He is working as an engineer at the moment, and got a couple of hilarious looks when he used it on site...
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Where, Midomi, AirSharing, LED Football, Zenbe, Remote
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A thread just like this was made at genmay the other day

Sportacular or SportsTap, AirShare, Meebo, Yelp are some of my go to apps.
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Cycorder, Winterboard, and Star Wars sounds set
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bloomberg for stocks (if you are in the US)
Spore to show off what can be done on the platform
Things -- I don't like Omnifocus
Koi Pond -- fun distraction
Labyrinth LE -- show off app
P Sudoku
Bejeweled 2
Wordpress if you blog
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Moleskine, weDict, Converter, WifiToggle, TouchPad, PocketTouch, Lexitron...oh, a new iPhone. Right. Erm...are these on Cydia yet?
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Texas Hold'Em

i use that app more than i use the phone itself
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Dactyl and Aurora Feint are currently my favorite games on the iphone.
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Trism for best game, for sure.

Enigmo is really good as well. Airshare, also.
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iTunes Remote of course!
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Oh, lets see.

Zenbe lists - freaking useful for shopping, to do's and tasks, etc.
1Password - handy if you use the desktop client
Bookmarks - delicious bookmarks, couldn't live without it
Twitterrific - fav Twitter client
Evernote - note syncing is a must
Remote - for obvious reasons
Stanza - e-book reader
Wordpress and Tumble - for blogging
Flickup - uploading photos to Flickr
Wikipanion - Wikipedia viewer
Shazam - great for finding that song that you don't know the name of
Topple - my latest iPhone game addiction
LineRider - great time waster

Yes, there's more, but that'll do
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I heart Radio
and Labrynth
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That dart game
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