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ANNOUNCEMENT: Emmeline "The Black Bird" SR-71A - Page 12  

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Ray, I'm SO glad to see that you've been able to acquire more of the parts needed to build and sell more of these amps for more folks to enjoy! Every time you've offered more of them, they've practically vanished in the blink of an eye. Each time, I think of another batch of folks who are able to enjoy this amp in their rigs, and it makes me happy for them. Thank you for carrying on with your great work, our friend!
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any SR 71a left

Does anybody know, if the SR 71a is still available?

I posted Ray but did not get a reply yet.

Any info would be appreciated!

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Ray is a busy man, you should definitely give him a call if possible. I just received mine 2 weeks ago and I've been using it with my UE-7 and UE-11s.
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RSA is a busy shop, and they get absolutely insane when he releases a new amp like the current Shadow. Phoning the shop is the best way during times like these to get any information like that.

They do answer the phone, and are great at giving out information. Email is only when they have time.
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I've been e-mailing ray as I am up in the air on the shadow. The SR71A sure is available.
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The 71a is a great amp for powering more difficult phones from a portable amp but I have to say I prefer the mustangs sound signature a bit as it has a bit more detail and is somewhat more neutral where as the 71a leaned a bit onto the warmer end. If the shadow is a improvement among the mustang (I will find out soon whenever mine pops in ) I would have to recommend that especially if you are looking to drive iem's.
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