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If you don't already have WE480 tubes, I recommend looking for some Sylvania 408A's instead.. hard to find but I like them a lot better than the Western Electrics. I felt the WE's were missing something in the midrange. I got some Sylvania Gold Brand ones on eBay but they appear to be very rare.. Well anyway, hope others explore other 408A rolling options!
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Got some of those Sylvanias on the way so tube rolling should be very fun.
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I would grab the Sylvania Gold Brands if I see them. They're always amazing sounding and very difficult to find.
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Originally Posted by Dept_of_Alchemy View Post
I would grab the Sylvania Gold Brands if I see them. They're always amazing sounding and very difficult to find.

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I put in the Philips NOS 408a tubes (thanks to Mapstec) yesterday instead of the WE 408a tubes. It's quite a difference. The tubes have been burning in for 10+ hours now and the sound is significantly warmer than before. I'm not sure, but I think I lost some detail, but the K701 likes these tubes a lot more than the Western Electric ones. The huge soundstage of the WE 408a has shrunk just a wee bit, making it a more intimate listening experience. Not sure which I like better, but I'm liking the variation very much.
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Anyone looking to sell any of these?
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Originally Posted by malldian View Post
Anyone looking to sell any of these?
eBay Store - Yen Audio: Little Dot Upgrade Tubes: VOSHOD mil-spec 6J1P-EV 6AK5 NOS Little Dot Amp EF95

The EF91, EF92, EF95 and 408A will all work on the I+.
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I was doping someone who bought a bunch to test was looking to sell. Shoot me a PM if you got 'em. If not I will be trying the stock ones first.
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Just ordered my I+ last night! I can't wait to start rolling tubes. I've found tubes on ebay, and I'll probably order some. But, there's a great store where I live that has tons of tubes, so I'll check that out first. Which leads to my next question: How do I test the tubes to match them? I have a multimeter(not a great one), do I use it?
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Easiest would be to get a matched pair on eBay from a reliable seller like yen1233 who use tube testers. If you're going to a store with tubes maybe they can check for you if the pair is matched? Also if you're going there make sure you write down all the tube-rolling options and take them with you so you know what you can pick from.
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Yeah, good call. I'd be pretty lost without a list.
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There's been some talk of rolling op-ampss in this thread as well. Anybody have any more experience with this, or is the main concentration on tubes.
I've go t couple op-amps around I want to try(OPA2132 + OPA2227). Will the difference be as noticable as the tubes?
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I've only tried WE and Sylvania 408A's and did notice a difference and the difference was about the same as rolling opamps. If you have a screw driver swapping opamps is very easy, just carefully unscrew the front and back bottom chassis screws (not the ones for the rubber feet), note where the wedge is on the opamp (I believe it faces the front of the chassis, don't take my word for it though), and just swap them. Again, be careful with the screws as I stripped one because it was on so tight. I would invite you to try whatever opamps you have, I tried everything but OPA627 which is going in the I+ as soon as my OPA-Earth for my Zero comes in tomorrow
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Right, just a few thoughts on the (original) Ediswan EF92 and my recently-purchased Mullard M8161.

Initial impressions of the Ediswan: wide open soundstage and incredible detail. 'Cooler' and less tube-like than you'd (i'd) imagine. Detail in the bass and vocal that amazed me. An overall sound that made it difficult to change amp, or even contemplate rolling the I+, but (eventually) roll I did.

The M8161. Really quite different than the Ediswan. Initial impressions: the retention of that incredible detail, but far more 'intimate'. I use intimate rather than a reduction or change of soundtstage because the effect is wholly positive (particularly with the right music) - and also note REB's use of the word, which I find sums the response perfectly. Warmer and more tube-like than the Ediswan, but oh that intimacy, it's actually difficult to put into words. Suffice to say i've got Eva Cassidy playing right now. She isn't simply singing, she's on the chair opposite, singing to me
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