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Ordering straight from Burson is the best route to go. Even for a country where shipping from oversea would typically be a pain in the as2 like mine (VN).

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I've just bought the Little Dot and gone for the Mullard M8100 tubes.  I'm currently using my Sony MDR 1R headphones with it (until my new Christmas present), my question is, I can only turn it up very very slightly before it gets too loud, I'm talking just beyond the 0 position.  I've opened the unit up to check the gain and it did appear to be set at high according to the instructions, however when I went to set it to low (according to instruction) it actually went even louder, so it suggests the switch is the wrong way round which isn't a problem.  Does anyone else find their unit only needs turning up so very little?


Just to confirm it is set at what I believe to be low gain.

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I think it's set to low gain by default from new. With my Grado's I don't normally turn it up past 1 on the dial before it's too loud for me.
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Cheers for the reply Richie, was just a bit concerned as all the posts I'd read sounded like they had theirs turned all the way up.
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