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already ordered one beerchug.gif hope will get the amp next week  but i have been spending some opamps and tubes already today lol ( even before i get the unit itself ) .I add the EF91 on my list too ( another Mullard one ) . oh i found Russian EF95 gold pins on ebay and  look interesting anyone try them before ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/130612521675?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_4231wt_1163


ps. i come to join the LD I+ too late and seem that not many ppl active here anymore ,oh well .  ( late better than never i guess )

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I havn't seen those, they look interesting! If you get them let us know how they sound.

Don't worry, there are still plenty of us out here, and the I+ is a great little amp!
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Thank you. much cheaper without the gold pins thing ... not sure if the sound gonna be any different. 

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i have a question to ask ,some tube got JAN front of type of tube like JAN-6AK5 , does the tube same as just 6AK5 ? or they do have different type of tube name JAN-6AK5 ?


thing is i just bought ( made low offered on ebay and he accepted it ) 1943's Tung Sol JAN-6AK5  which i hope they work with the lttle dot I+





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"JAN" = "Joint Army Navy"


It simply means the tubes were originally manufactured for military use.  Generally speaking this is a good thing as they are subject to tighter quality control.

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These ones are cheaper but the seller does not say whether the tubes are matched pairs which is very important in terms of sound quality and balance.

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The I+ is does not mind mildly mismatched tubes because of its hybrid design. I use tubes from batches all the time without matching them with no effect on SQ. I also question what many of the eBay sellers actually do to match...
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These ones are cheaper but the seller does not say whether the tubes are matched pairs which are very important in terms of sound quality and balance.


It is not as important as you think. When dealing with new tubes I generally do not pay much attention to how carefully the tubes will match. One of many reasons is because tube testers have no way of knowing what voltages and current levels that the tube will run in the circuit. Even then the tubes that are carefully matched do not age in the same way. Since the Little Dot 1+ does not have a stepped pot for volume and that can cause more of a balance issue that of the new tubes. I have more issues from Ebay sellers with tubes with high leakage that can cause humming and shorts than mismatch NOS tubes.

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Thank you for all the info.


so far i bought 

Opamps : 2107AP and LT1364CN8 ( i think i wait and try them both first then might get the LM4562 later )


All 3 tubes type ,

EF95 : Tung sol and Voshkod

EF91 : Mullard

408A  : Sylvnia GB408A goldpins ( yeah i decided to get them, hope it will be well spend)


now only wait for them to delivery this week and LD1+ too



ps. i hold off the M8100 and M8161 for now as i already spent over budget..... my wallet is so empty deadhorse.gif


thx you John57 and shipsupt . i bought some tubes which the seller don't say they match or not and much cheaper

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which op amps pair best with rock N roll? 

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Has anyone tried the 4556?

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Got in the LD 1+ for my dad's birthday and I'm very impressed. This sucker really packs a punch, and adds a beautiful texture and fluidity, and that's with the crappy stock Chinese 6JI tubes! I can't believe this little guy sounds so good for only $130 shipped! Can't wait to get in the Voskhods I ordered for it, should be in later this week.

<$150 for this, WTH? Are you kidding me? cool.gif
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I just ordered some of the Soviet Russian tubes for my LDI+.  I am also looking into rolling the opamp to a LT1364.  I just have one question: does changing the opamp change the output impedance?  I know that this amp was designed to drive low impedance headphones like Denons, so if a LT1364 were to raise the output impedance I would not like to do that.  Can anyone help me with that?

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No changing the Op-amp will not change the output impedance. It is the BD139 and BD140 transistors that is driving the output.

The tube drives the op-amp and the op-amp drives the bipolar BD139 and BD140 to the ouput.

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