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A Funny Thing about RKVII/III

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Ok, I heard rumors that some RKVs marked w/ "II"s are actually "III"s. My RKV II doesn't pop at firing up but I still think it's II.

The thing funny about my unit was started when I began using the second pair of inputs. The sound was MONO! Then I discovered that if I unplug one RCA the first pair of inputs, the sound was back to STEREO!

Any easy fix for it besides plug/unplug each time I use different inputs? It's tedious and in addition, my DIY silver cables cannot sustain too many yanks.
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The only reason I think mine is a "Mk III" is because my dealer told me it was the "next generation" at the time that I got it (and as I stated in another thread, I believe him), and it was in between models. I am not sure if that means a true "Mk III", or if it is sort of a "post Mk II/pre Mk III".... But I suppose it was my post that caused you to make this post, so would still like to hear from others. I have also read elsewhere (audiovalve.de?) that the pop goes away on a Mk II with burn-in...so maybe I did get a Mk II, but if so I don't really care: (a) I paid Mk II price for it; (b) it sounds great!

Hey, you didn't happen to get a manual with that, did you? I tried downloading one from the site, but ... got nuthin'.
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