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Anyone tried AKG K370 ? Most places in the UK sale them for around £80 but you can find them for £40 in some stores. These might be a great buy for that price but there aren't many opinions about them on the internet. One of my friends, who tried a lot of headphones, bought them last month and claims that they are fantastic for that price. I'm not sure but they are probably more expensive in the US like most of AKG headphones. Anyone had a chance to listen to them?
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woah these akg in ears look really nice, especially the 330, 340 and 370. really tempted to try these, but just bought the copper
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Originally Posted by kjk1281 View Post
It seems that AKG's new offerings will be released in the US after all. Interestingly, there's no sign of the K370. Prices are on the steep side, as well...

To be released in March at "selected retail outlets"

AKG® Headphones Are Coming to America

Ear Buds/In-Canal Earphones:
  • K 309 Retail Price: $16.95

  • K 311 Retail Price: $24.95

  • K 313 Retail Price: $29.95

  • K 315 Retail Price: $39.95

  • K 317 Retail Price: $69.95

  • K 319 Retail Price: $89.95

In-Canal Earphones:
  • K 321 Retail Price: $49.95

  • K 330 Retail Price: $79.95

  • K 340 Retail Price: $89.95

Mini On-Ear/Foldable Headphones
  • K 420 Retail Price: $69.95

  • K 430 Retail Price: $99.95

  • K 450 Retail Price: $149.95

High-Definition Headphones
  • K 142 HD Retail Price: $169.95

  • K 172 HD Retail Price: $199.95

  • K 242 HD Retail Price: $249.95

  • K 272 HD Retail Price: $299.95

Limited-Edition Headphones
  • K 518 LE Retail Price: $99.95
The K370 costs around 130 USD here in Europe.
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Hey, im from Holland, and i have the AKG K370


I've never written a review before, and my English isn't that good, so don't expect much...

I've head a lot of headphones, and i switched mostly because they broke.

These come with a nice little AKG case, so that isn't a problem anymore.

I travel alot (everyday 2 hrs by bus) and they are very light and comfortable to wear for longer than an hour.

The sound is realy clear, but i think the bass should be a little better..

Also the microphone has realy good deep sound quality.

overall, these are the best headphones i've had 'till now.

I bought them on holiday in Austria, they where 50 euros there... theyre also for sale in Holland, but here theyre 100 euros...


hope i helped you out...

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Im no audiophile but to me, the akg k321 have a bright , sort of airy sound signature. Mids and lower treble shine but do not overpower the bass or vocals. Bass is strong and powerful but not overpowering not excessive. Depending on the tracks you listen to, it can be aggressive at times. Build quality is by no means the best but good enough to stay intact even when you jam it into your pocket on a daily basis. Cable is really thin though but no microphonics whatsoever. The straight jack may be a problem to some people . Overall , it sound like the vsonic gr02 bass edition but not as acoustic sounding and more mids and less punchy bass
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