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I find this very useful to use on a regular basis, especially using silicone sleeves or gels. It fights back the the build up of oils and wax that cause canalphones to lose grip. This kit keeps the surfaces dry where the rubber can grip.

There are 3 components to this kit:

Witch Hazel
Rubbing alcohol
Cotton swabs

The witch hazel does a better job at removing the oils and wax. The alcohol causes the surface to dry after setup allowing for grip and the swabs are used to apply these solutions.

Soaking a swab on one end with the WH and liberally rubbing the ear canal as well as the silicone or gel and the other end to dry at least once does a good job of removing the oils and such.

Then soak a swab with the alcohol and do some more rubbing of the ear canal and the silicone. But this time leaving some moisture of the alcohol to allow for easy insertion of the silicone and when the the alcohol dries after the canalphones are inserted, will give them grip; they will set up.

I use two empty, very small plastic containers, like eye drop bottles, for the solutions and carry them in a shirt pocket along with the swabs and when necessary I grab for them and quickly and easily do the simple process where convenient.

Always be very careful when swabbing the canalphone sleeves and do so with the nozzle of the canalphone pointed downward so you don't get fluid in the canalphones. If you think some fluid got into the nozzle, while holding it downward simply use the dry end of a swab and touch to the nozzle tip till any fluids are soaked up.