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Was I Scammed? (PenguinAmp)

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Hello everyone I purchased a PenguinAmp on 6/27/2008 and I have YET to receive it. I've been emailing this guy over and over again and there's no wayyyyy shippin takes over alost 2 months to get here from Germany. Was I ripped off? How can I contact this guy because it's funny I can speak fluent German but I am NOT paying money to call them long distance. Thanks all.

27.06.2008 Pending
30.06.2008 Order processing
30.06.2008 Payment received
23.07.2008 Shipped
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that doesn't sound funny at all, is it on ebay or through paypal? if so file something immediately, theres still a chance you can get your money back through those channels
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...Isn't this the guy (the seller) that got in trouble for copying another company's circuitry, and his eBay history here is...patchy?
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I doubt very much you have been scammed, i would think there may be a mishap ( polite way of saying complete clusterf**k ) with his admin. Robert has always been very helpful and easy to communicate with via email. Try contacting him again mate.
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Although sometimes slow to respond, when I emailed him he always replied. I'd let him know the situation and I'm sure he'll get back to you. He did seem somewhat disorganized but honest to me.
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I ordered mine at the beginning of last week and got it this monday so somehow you slipped through the cracks or it got lost in the mail. Just keep trying to get a hold of him.
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Just use nonoh.net if you don't want to pay long distance fees. I use it all the time to call back home.
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Originally Posted by TheMarchingMule View Post
...Isn't this the guy (the seller) that got in trouble for copying another company's circuitry, and his eBay history here is...patchy?
That's another story of its own. I bought from him before few years ago and the shipping is relatively fast, maybe the problem lies in the shipping method used? I know he send most of his amp via postal service and not all postman are trustworthy.
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Its not penguin amp, but somthing like that happened to me too. In my case, I am pretty sure that the item got lost in transition. Neither myself and the seller did wrong but things like that could happen.

Give the seller an email, tell him the situation, and seller will offer you some options or remedies if the seller is honorable person.
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I thought mine was taking a long time but after it was shipped it took 10 days. I read that the German mail system has issues sometimes.
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Usually Robert is good about emails. PM me tomorrow and I'll give you an alternate email for him. My Macbook is being backed up and I can't look it up on my iPod touch right now.
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Originally Posted by ClieOS View Post
... and not all postman are trustworthy.
Here is something on the news:

Scottish postman hoardes thousands of letters in Germany

3 days ago

FRANKFURT (AFP) — A young Scotsman working as a postal carrier in the German business capital failed to deliver the mail for over a year and hoarded or disposed of at least 20,000 letters, police said Tuesday... read on.
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Hello everyone,

I've been lurking for a while, and on the strength of the excellent advice offered by HeadphoneAddict, AMB, Tangent, PPL and others, I've bought a Penguin Caffeine, Mini3 and a PIMETA, as well as built my first LOD (a temporary one at least). The Mini3 and PIMETA have both been bought as parts shipped from the USA and built. They both sound great. Unfortunately the Penguin amp still hasn't turned up.

I bought mine on the 18th July, and it says it was shipped on the 8th August and then AGAIN on the 22nd August. I've sent 3 emails and never had a response. I don't mind waiting, it's just the lack of any communication that worries/frustrates me. Is it possible that it was shipped twice and BOTH went missing??

I suppose if there's no delivery and no communication, then I'll just have to put it down to experience and forget about it.

The Mini3 and PIMETA sound fantastic though. And the Mini3 was a really nice experience to build. The PIMETA was a little harder, with all the "variables" in part choices, but I've got the measure of it now and so I'm putting together the BOM for the parts for a PPA and Battery board.

Great fun!
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I am just as pissed as you are, it seems like a lot of these manufacturers like advertise a product that they cannot deliver and also fail to communicate with their customers.

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I just sent an email to Robert Gehrke asking him to explain what is going on. He's always been good about answering my emails in the past, even prior to my doing any reviews. I hope you guys get your amps soon.
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